Monday, November 5, 2012

Ice Queen Pant, LS, Toasty Tech PO, and new Bundle Up Jacket Colors

Shown with the rulu Ice Queen LS
Shown with new Bundle Up Jackets

Shown with a Clarity Ice Queen LS

Shown with a Limitless Blue Bundle Up Jacket and Love Red Toasty Tech Fleece PO
Photos of the new brushed luxtreme Ice Queen pants.

Photos of the new tech fleece pullover - the Toasty Tech, $128. Shown with gray/love red Runder Unders in the last two photos.

Photos of the new Ice Queen running luon LS in black and Clarity Yellow.

New colors in the Bundle Up Jacket - Clarity, Limitless Blue, and Love Red.

 The Black Swan/Raspberry Glo U-Turn Pullover

 New Brisk Run Earwarmer in Clarity Yellow/Limitless Blue.

 First Base Tanks in Black Swan/Raspbery Glo and Raspberry Glo/Silver Slate.

 New Swiftly LS in Love Red/Black.

Love Red Spin It to Win It Tank and Runder Unders in Coal/Love Red.


Anonymous said...

Ok am I the only one who thinks these new pants and their awkward stripes are GOD AWFUL?? Yikes!!!

LuluAddict said...

I posted photos of the pants over the weekend of "Q" modeling these - she lives in Utah and bought the pants. I think it if you need cold weather run pants they might be a good choice. I believe they come in solid black if you don't like the color blocking down the sides. I'm not a fan of it myself. The Runder unders also reverse to a solid side, I believe.

Anonymous said...

What makes the ice pant any different than the others? Are they more thermal insulated with a water resistant layer? Could they be used as a lightweight ski pant?

Anonymous said...

Based on all the pics above, what do you think the odds are that the Toasty Tech will come out in Limitless Blue? Reds just not my color, but my Run For Its from last year are now too big so I need to replace...

Anonymous said...

wow, Ice Queen running luon! when does that come out? THAT's what I need.