Tuesday, October 23, 2012

U-Turn Pullover, Split Set Pants, Gaiters, and More

I think I might have to add the U-Turn Pullover to my wish list.

Shown with the Devotion LS

Shown with the Alberta Lake Rose Herringbone Define

Some photos of the new Split Set pants.

Top Speed Crops in Alberta Lake Macro Micro Stripe, Alberta Lake Rose Herringbone Define, and AL Swiftly
I've been waiting for someone to pair the Alberta Lake Swiftly with Alberta Lake run tights. All the photos show it with the Raspberry Glo/Black Swan Swiftly.

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Shown with the Polar Cream Define and Devotion LS.

I really like how the Make A Move Pants look on this woman. I think she sized down in them since they are baggy in the crotch in most every other photo I've seen of them.

The Alberta Lake/Black Make A Move Pant with matching AL Swiftly SS

More Make A Move pant photos.

Photo of the new Make It Rain Gaiters

Shown with a Creamsicle Pop Swiftly

Shown with the First Base Tank
The Top Speed Crops the in the Alberta Lake Macro Micro print.


Anonymous said...

Is it just me but when I look at the Make It Rain Gaiters I have to wonder if the elastic that goes around your shoe is just going to get worn out really quick???

Anonymous said...

I have a question, what do people wear long yoga pants/ the yoga long sleeve shirts for? The yoga studios I've gone to have always been too hot for pants or long sleeves. Or do people practice outside? I do all sorts of styles of yoga and even the not heated room still feels too hot for pants?

Anonymous said...

I purchased a pair of the rain gaiters and I'm not worried about the elastic. It will sit against the instep of the shoe and I don't find it even necessary to be honest because of the way they fit me. The Lulu site model obviously has super skinny calves becasue they are really big on her! My calves look more like this model here ... they fit nicely and I'm not concerned even if the elastic does wear through. I'm pretty sure they'll stay put.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly!!!! I use dirtygirl gaiters which attach to the top and back of your shoe and while they work well, they don't come up nearly as high, which is one of the reasons I like the look of these gaiters BUT...I do wonder about the stability of the loop under the shoe and if it DOES break, I wonder whether they would ride up...

Anonymous said...

Um, are the gaiters gone from both the CA and US sites?? I can't find them.

Anonymous said...

For the Make It Rain Gaiters,the elastic should be worn over the foot and inside the shoe. Just like marching band uniform pants.

Anonymous said...

I don't like any of the new pants. the creamcycle swiftly is the only thing I like, but I am not purchasing anymore lulu for the next few months, I over did it in October.

Anonymous said...

I was so excited about the Devotion LS T, but it was a no. My normal size was skin tight like spanx- not cute. I have a long torso but it could have been a dress. It was longer than a few of the Halloween costumes I tried on! It was also very thin and see-through. Just a heads up to anyone else who wants it.

Anonymous said...

UGH THE GAITERS ARE SOLD OUT!!!!!!!!! Anyone live near a store that has them in stock??? please let me know!!
re: pants in yoga class - I almost always wear pants in my yoga classes as well as even when I do yoga alone - I guess I am used to it and honestly, when I'm all sweaty on my arms, the pants help me grip in binds and what not. I don't do hot yoga, just regular Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Baron Baptiste, etc. :)
RE: Devotion LS - I found the TV color to be just fine and even though I am 5'4 and yes, it is LONG, it scrunches up easily without looking bulky. I surprised myself by keeping it! But I would not wear a black bra under it, unless I was wearing it to yoga or running and then I won't care what color is under it.
RE: Runder Unders in black/TV - I just got these and while they are super soft, they are also thinner than I had hoped as they are not reversible AND they are not compressive at all - no butt lifting whatsoever. Thus, they are just another pair of tights and although might be good to wear under ski pants or something, are too thin for running in the cold. I am so disappointed. If you are going to get RUs, I say go for the double layered reversible ones to get your monies worth! And they are also very shiny when on - not see through but shiny. Not a fan - I miss the thickness of the Acro crops - best butt lifting pants ever!

sophia said...

@Anon 8:26 - you're wrong about this. the strap on the gaiters is definitely supposed to go outside the shoe, under the sole, NOT inside the shoe. this band is supposed to help seal the gaiter down onto the shoe...in marching band, it's just aesthetic..here it is functional. many other brands make gaiters for trail running, mountaineering, hiking, etc. and the straps ALWAYS go on the outside of the soles...it's just that most of the straps are very durable - Outdoor Research, for example - and replacable for when they do wear out.

Taryn said...

Hi Anon @ 8:26 - Some other brands of gaiters may be designed to be worn inside the shoe but I just tried it out myself and these ones are not. It's easy to tell because the bottom edges end up being akwardly pulled into the shoe, and not laying properly overtop of the shoe as it should. It would have made more sense actually if that was the case, and if the elastic was attached differently (not right on the bottom edge) it might have worked?? Who knows. Regardless, the rain is supposed to be coming tonight and for the next several days so I'll be trying mine out for the first time tomorrow! :)

aml said...

Awesome, Taryn, thanks for letting us know! The strap also looked like it is thick enough to rub against your foot while running, which would be annoying. And let us know if your local store has anymore! My stores near me have not received them yet :(

Anonymous said...

Tried on the new split set pants today. I really liked the slim fit- they're very flattering. The "jean pocket" in back gives your booty a little lift.

I would add that for $92.00 they're nothing that special. Since I'm a sucker for Lulu and I do like the fit I might get the Alberta because the color is unique. Can't imagine I couldn't find something really similar and cheaper in black.