Monday, October 1, 2012

NEW! Spinerette Bra, Top Speed Tank, Back to Class Jacket is Back, and Much More

New run tank called the Run: Top Speed Tank. I really like the wide straps in the back. I don't have any detailed product info on this other thank it's luxtreme. I think I might order this one tonight though it probably requires a try on to get right.

New bra called the Spinerette Bra. I really like the looks of this bra. One of my favorite older bras is called the Swift bra that had wide crossed straps like this. It's so supportive and comfortable. I might have to get one of these, too.

The very cute Back To Class french terry jacket is back. This version is Black Swan is just gorgeous. It also comes in Glen Check Polar Cream Silver Slate and Black.

New Scuba in Glen Check Polar Cream pattern. Shown with Angel Blue Wunder Unders.

New Cool Racerback out in Polar Cream. Shown with the Black Swan Studio Pants.

Photos of the new Right Round Tank. This does not have a built in bra. Shown in Creamsicle Pop and Silver Slate. It also comes in black. The Silver Slate is shown with Albert Lake Gather and Crow Crops.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving the back to class jacket!!! I did not see this before, does anyone know if it's very warm???

I am so excited for the spin city short sleeve tops, as I see myself wearing them with everything! perfect for in between seasons! but I'm thinking this may be a size up item from the pulling across those teeny tiny girls chests/shoulders! THOUGHTS?

Amy said...

Just picked up a Spin City SS at my local store and I found it TTS with a loose fit in the torso. For reference I'm a 36DD and wear an 8 in tops without shelf bras (10 if they have bras).

Hope this helps. :)

Melissa said...

If the Top Speed Tank comes in Black Swan, I'm ALL over it!!! Would look so cool with my gray denim G&Cs!!! LOVE.

Jen said...

Wow - okay. Really loving the Top Speed. I have a Push Ur Limits that I love for yoga and a swift that I LOVE for running. This seems to be very similar. Not sure about the Spinerette ... like the concept, but the band seems awfully wide. I really loved the Inner Heart and sad I didn't pick up another when it went to WMTM (right now, it's my go to for long runs).

I am in trouble with this Top Speed tank though ... just told hubby that my wallet was safe tonight after all of this spin stuff. Spoke too soon.

LuluAddict said...

I like the top speed tank a lot, too. I wish I had some fit reports on how it runs. I might hold off ordering it and wait until it hits the stores.