Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More of the Latest

More photos of the Wee Space Limitless Blue Run For Your Life Crops. Shown with the Runder Under LS, Turn Around LS and Clarity Swiftly.

Love Red Runder Under LS shown with the Wee Space Limitless Run For Your Life crops. I like this combo better than the yellow.

I personally can't wait for the Limitless Blue swiftlys to show up in the stores. The headband is so pretty - like denim.

The Limitless Blue/Clarity Yellow Inspire crops. Shown with the matching Runder Under LS on top and Clarity Spin It to Win It tank on the bottom.

More U-Turn pullover photos. I tried on the coal/black version today. Once again I found the seams to be on the scratchy side. When I reversed the coal/black to the black side out I found that side to be much softer. Both times I've tried this on, I've just worn a sports bra so if you are layering underneath it it might not be a problem. However, some of the more noticeable seams are those on the arm. Maybe they'll soften up with washing. I think it's a decent pullover - the running luon is thicker than my older Energy and Hills Pullovers - but I don't need it or love it.

The new Tender Violet Make a Move pant with matching U-Turn pullover.

Back Burner Tank and Barre Pant.

Blue Comparison - Limitless, Pigment, Wish, Royalty, Rocksteady

A great comparison photo of lulu's blues. From left to right: Limitless Blue, Pigment Blue, Wish Blue, Unknown (I think it might be Bold Blue), Royalty, and Rocksteady. (Thanks to Ms. A. for the photo.)

Wee Space Limitless Blue Run For Your Life Crops with Various Swiftly Colors

I went to the store today to check out the new Black Swan Groove pants (loved) and ended up going home with the new Wee Space Limitless Blue Run For Your Life crops. I've been wanting in on the colorful run crop trend for awhile now but lulu hadn't been offering them in size twelves. I have to give them a little shout out for making many more of their colored bottoms available up to a twelve - thanks, lulu! Anyway, I really liked how they looked in the photos I posted this morning and I liked them a lot in person. I had tried the RFYL crops on last week and thought they were comfortable so the fact they came in a fun color that goes with a lot of my lulu wardrobe made it an easy sale.

The top photo are some of my Swiftly tanks. From left to right are: Pow Pink, Caspian Blue, Paris Pink, and Pop Orange. Of those four colors I like Caspian and Pop Orange the best but the pinks look ok, too.

The second photo are some of my short sleeve Swiftlys. From left to right are: Angel Blue, Antidote, Lagoon, and Potion Purple. I like all but the Potion but even that isn't bad.

My long sleeve Swiftly collection is a little more problematic. I have LS Swiftlys in Dark Classic Sport Gray, Lolo Purple, Alberta Lake, and Rocksteady. The Rocksteady (top) looks ok with the crops. The rest didn't look that great. I'm sure the new Limitless Blue Swiftly LS will look better but the Rocksteady is so similar I doubt I'd get another blue LS. The bottom photo is my Run In the Sun LS from the Sea Wheeze in Bright Lime. That actually looks pretty good. Black also looks pretty fab with these crops. I have a couple of black pullovers and tanks I can wear with these.

Swiftly Turtlenecks, Wee Space Crops, and More

This woman is selling me on the Wee Space Limitless Blue Run: For Your Life Crops. Paired with the Love Red Swiftly turtleneck. I wonder how hard to get over your head the t-neck is.

The Limitless Blue/Clarity Yellow Inspire crops with a U-Turn Pullover and Swiftly turtleneck. Too bad the U-Turn isn't solid Clarity. I would like the combo with the Inspires much better.

I decided I wasn't much of a fan of the color blocking in the U-Turn but the monochromatic scheme works here. This one reverses to solid black. Shown with the Top Speed crops.

 New Top Speed Crops come with the Silver Slate Rose print waistband. 

This woman makes a great model for lulu. I love that she is curvy so we can get a real sense how the clothes work on an hourglass shape. She's wearing the new Black Swan/Raspberry Glo Spin It to Win It tank.

Paris, Pow, and Raspberry Glo in Swiftly Material

From left to right: Paris Pink, Pow Pink, and Raspberry Glo Light in the Swiftly material. I have the first two colors and was debating whether I "need" the RG if a Swiftly tank comes out. (Thanks to Ms. S. for the photo.)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Latest

The new Back Burner Tank and Barre Pulse pant. I really like the look of this tank from the back. I wish it wasn't so short, though.

Shown with the Discover crops

Shown with the Split Set pant

The "sparkle" Wunder Undrs are actually the Black/Wee Are From Space Black/Coal Wunder Unders that were uploaded last night.

Love red Swiftly turtleneck and Run For Your Life crops in Wee Space Limitless Blue.

Clarity Yellow/Polar Cream/Limitless Blue U-Turn Pullover.

Raspberry Glo Cool Racerback and Black Swan Slim Grooves.

The new Vinyasa colors.

 The Mad Earwarmer and Scarf in Black Swan.

Top - "old" Pow Pink (from 2009), left - "new" Pow Pink, right - raspberry Glo. (Thanks to Ms. V. for the photo.)