Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pigment In Stride, Cashew Stripe Fast and Frees, and More

This is more like it - photos of the latest technical wear to hit the stores. The new tonka stripe Pigment Blue In Stride Jacket. I really like this one.

Wild Cashew Tonka Stripe Fast and Free crops, shown with a new Pretty Pink Speed Squad tank.  I really like the trend of patterns and bright colors in the running crops. It's a lot of fun to watch these go by in races.

Tonka Stripe Pigment Power Y and black Wunder Under pants. I'm debating whether to get this Power Y (though I hate they are made of light luon now) or wait and hope for a Cool Racerback in this color.

New Wunder Under pants in Cashew Coal Slub Denim, shown with the Sattva pullover.

Angel Blue Inspire Crops and Pigment Swiftly LS.

 Angel Blue Gather and Crow Crops.

Angel Blue Running With My Homies Crop.


Anonymous said...

I initially really wanted the cashew run fast and free crops.. But after seeing these photos, not so much. They are wild which is great but the stripes don't seem nearly as flattering this this crop style as compared to the WUC which were ├╝ber cute!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:34 - I have seen them in person and the stripes on the crops are very unflattering. When i was at my local store, i noticed an educator who is very good shape, i would guess a lulu 4, and these made her look heavy. They are particularly unflattering in the upper thigh area. I can't imagine they would be flattering on anyone but maybe a lulu 2 with no muscle or fat on her legs.

Anonymous said...

I really want the cashew stripe run fast and frees. They are my fave Luxtreme crop and I think the pattern is fun & wild but still neutral. However, I'm not sure what other colors to pair with them besides oranges (flare, pop orange) and black. Would really like more color options for pairing.

Sandra said...

The angel blue inspire crops look super long on the woman in this picture... I thought they were pants... I'm 5'3" and they are not even that long on me... I'm dumb founded.

HPSauce said...

OMG!!! I just found out that the April Wee are from Space In Stride is still available on the AUS site! That one sold out super fast on the CAD side! I would have gotten it, but ended up getting the white/fossil wee are from space cuz they were all gone by the time my refund gift card arrived! Oh I wish I could have it so bad!!

Anonymous said...

got the stride jacket in the pigment blue in my local store today! its beautiful!!

Pink Peony 4 said...

I want that speed squad tank. I will stay away from any crops with lines and zig zag patterns. My thighs are unforgiving and they will fight the direction of the pattern. I gave in and bought a Run for your life tank from sea wheeze on ebay with a matching speed shorts in the polka dots. Also stuff your bra in red and white. Way cute but now I feel I should not have done it and waited to get it next year when I go but since the reports said it sold out way too fast, I cancelled that thought out. I will enjoy these instead. I am going to a store tomorrow to see if the layering tees are on sale and to try some new stuff on, mainly the bright at night crop. Of course the speed squad tanks.