Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photos - Cashew Star Runner LS

 Cashew Stripe Star Runner LS.

All the new colors in the Star Runner LS and SS - black, pigment, cashew, angel.

Currant Speed Squad Skirt and Cashew Speed Squad Tank


Anonymous said...

I like this top except for the frilly stuff on it. The material looks nice and soft

Anonymous said...

Tried the Speed Squad Tank in store yesterday and had to size down one size before the educator thought it fit better. I ultimately did not purchase because the weather is getting cooler and the back is pretty open. Otherwise, I would have purchased it in the beginning of the summer. It's not something I would have picked up normally, but the educator thought it would look good on me.

Anonymous said...

my thoughts on these short sleeved shirts with openings and the shorts and skirts; they can be worn in a gym during the cold months.