Monday, September 10, 2012

NEW! Sattva Pullover, Whole Hearted Tank, and More

New Sattva pullover.

  • throw this cozy, body temperature regulating top on to and from your favourite class
  • Merino Wool French terry is temperature regulating - and it's easy care; wash warm & tumble dry
  • due to the construction of this fabric, loops on the inside may snag when tugged or pulled - but don't worry as this won't affect the look or performance of this garment
  • loose fit and cropped length make this top perfect for layering
  • flat seamed for chafe-resistance & comfort
  • preshrunk
There is also a new hoodie, called the Sattva jacket for $128. It has tencel in the back and ends just below the waist. I don't have a usable photo of it yet.

 Finally, a photo of the front and back of the Whole Hearted Tank, in the Milky Way print. Shown with a black Seven Days of Asana bag.

Thanks to Ms. L for the photo.

 New Vinyasa scarf colors in Pigment and Cashew Tonka Stripe. They are $48.

Seven Days of Asana bags.

More Paddington photos. The general reaction to this seems to be it's overpriced. Here's to hoping for a quick price "adjustment" downwards.


Mia said...

This going to be an expensive upload for me..... I love toooo much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates. Love the new vinyasa scarves. What's the vinyasa on the woman in the last photo, the woman in the red jacket?

AllisonFay said...

I purchased the cashew stripe vinyasa scarf today. LOVE!

What is the purple bag in the next to last picture? Is that the messenger that is already available?

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know how snags on the inside loops of the sattva pullover won't affect the look or performance of the top. I mean, isn't a snag a snag? Won't it eventually weaken the integrity of the knit? I need to check it out in person. Lots of pullovers from various brands are doing this open back tied with a ribbon. I like it for casual wear, but I wish the top didn't have the sweatshirt detailing in front. I get that they're trying to be like Isabel Marant, but I want something a little less casual for this price.

Due to quality concerns LLL is ever increasingly anticipating complaints. First it was luon staying separate from Velcro or cotton towels. Then it was color bleeding and fastness. Now it's about snags in the merino wool french terry blend. What next?

Anonymous said...

I really liked this pullover until reading the description below and disclaimer for snags... Really LLL?!? By addressing quality concerns we wanted you to get your production back to where it used to be, not stating their are quality concerns with the product! Come on LLL, you know better than that!

Anonymous said...

I also HATE that sweatshirt-esque stitching on the front of the sattva pullover. If it didn't have that it would be a must have (even at that ridiculous price point) but that one minor details really puts me off as it cheapens the whole look of the pullover.

Anonymous said...

Love the new Vinyasa colors. Blah I just bought the one on mark down this week. Wish I waited and just bought one of these!

Grainne said...

I thought I was going to love the Sattva pullover-loved the ribbon and cut-out at the back but saw it in store today and there was no way I'd pay $108 for it. It's weird! Front is a sweatshirt, then there are flounced side panels, but a pretty back. Weird. The educator in that section was also unimpressed. She said she doesn't understand it!

I may consider it if it is deeply reduced but at least I can pass by now.

The studio crop is a different matter...really surprised by how much I liked it!