Tuesday, September 25, 2012

NEW! Full Stride Skirt

Australian Heads Up  - A new skirt called the Full Stride Skirt is out. Can't say I really like it from this photo. It's shown in the eighth Tender Violet Check.


girlydoll said...

This skirt looks really tight in the bum. I have the pacesetter skirt and love how it doesn't show off my large rear end, but I hate how SHORT it is, This looks like it is longer, but really really tight across the rear. The no bubble bum skirt.

Anonymous said...

@ girlydoll - Do you think this girl just needs to size up? I was thinking that it looks too tight also.
I'll wait to see more pics before saying no to this. I am always looking for a longer, cute running skirt! I love my Run: For All skirt from last spring. LLL needs to bring back more styles like this. I have the mirage pacesetter, and only like it because the print detracts from the ruffles. I'm not sure why the pacesetter is the core skirt instead of something less tennis-y like the RFA. All the other skirts this year have been too short for me.

Anonymous said...

the model is wearing a size too small. I don't understand why people do that sometimes. I notice some people in my yoga classes who also wear crops or pants that are too tight.