Thursday, September 20, 2012

More of The Latest

Nesting Bird Scuba, Bordeaux Wunder Under crops, and Split Pea Power Y.

Pretty Pink Scoop Me Up tank and Coal Denim Wunder Unders

Heathered Coal In Stride Jacket and Bordeaux Low Rider Pants.

Denim Groove Pants with the Sattva Pullover.

The new Pigment Blue Studio Pants. Shown with the Nesting Bird Scuba and a Pretty Pink Scoop Me Up tank.

Wunder Unders in Coal and Black.

I love when the stores give these side-by-side photos. The top photo is the Low Rider Pant and the bottom are Pigment Gather and Crow crops.

Bordeaux Aphrodite Tank and Denim Virtue Energy Pants.

Speed Squad Tank in Pretty Pink

Nothing But Run and Swiftly SS in Pigment
Matching the top to the stripe in the Track Time Crops really makes the outfit in these photos.


Anonymous said...

I am returning my Pigment Gather and Crow Crops. You will notice how they gather at the knee in the photo provided. Well, they did the same on me. I am used to having a sleek line when I wear my Gather and Crow Crops. There has been a design change. And I believe the fabric is thinner. Too bad. ;(

momtaxi said...

i just noticed the denim groove pants - are they new or have they been out for a while. I live in the GTA and have great access to 4 lulu stores if anyone has seen them.

Patty said...

I hope they make the heathered coal/black combo pictured in the In Stride in a Define too. I wear my grey/black toned Defines all the time, probably b/c they go w/ pretty much everything.

Anonymous said...

What are Groovy shorts like, compared to Turbos (or Speeds)? They were "in" before I was into LLL.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready for some new colors. Am I the only one?
I LOVE BD, but I've bought just about everything I'm going to get in this shade. I like Split Pea, but I'm holding out for the 105 tank to go on MD before purchasing, and I'm thinking 1 item is all I'll want of this color. I've got my 1 Angel Blue tank. I bought a Power Purple swifty. I'm done with those colors. I don't like Currant and I'm not moved by Pigment Blue. Flare is fun, but it feels to close to Flash which I have an abundance of, and it's it doesn't go with my Brilliant items. So, I'm passing on that color. I like Cashew. I only have 1 piece of this color, but I wouldn't mind this becoming a staple color like Coal and Black. Pretty Pink is too pale and a lot of tops seem sheer, so Pass. What's next??? I'm ready! How about a fun pink somewhere between Pretty and Pow?

Julie Blanks said...

AH, a pretty pink Scoop Me Up?! Did this sell out or is it just in stores? LOVE!

Anonymous said...

@Julie Blanks: The pretty pink SMU hasn't been online yet. Maybe Tuesday?

Anonymous said...

I like the coal denim WU crops. Were they on this upload or just showing up in stores this week?