Wednesday, September 12, 2012

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Angel Blue Team Spirit Tank from a SoCal product alert. I'm looking forward to trying this on but I think my preference for running in Swiftly tanks in hot weather is pretty defined now. I wore my Tame Me tank on my Sunday morning run and didn't think it breathed as well as Swiftly knit. However, I do like changing my look up so I still want to try this on.

Flash LS Swiftly and Cashew striped Fast and Free crops.

 Angel Define and matching Gather and Crow crops.

 Some outfit ideas. I like the Pigment Down Town Jacket with the matching leg warmers.

 Pigment Blue LW Swiftly

Pretty Pink Swifty tank with Speed Squad Skirt and Power Purple Swiftly tank.


jess said...

LLA - Love your blog!! What do you think the chances are we will see a run swiftly tank and/or a run swiftly half zip pullover in angel blue?

Anonymous said...

the pedal power stuff was added to wmtm this morning...still overpriced, though!

Anonymous said...

New WMTM! Not much but some new stuff.

Anonymous said...

Heads up- the pedal power capsule is now on WMTM

Anonymous said...

WMTM Upload:
Pedal Power Jacket $139-153
Pedal Power Tight $79
Pedal Power Blazer $199
Pedal Power Pant $89

Not impressed.

Was hoping for the 105 Singlet to go to WMTM because it's getting colder and colder outside.

Stefanie said...

Looks like some of the most recent commuter capsule has made it to WMTM already. What a shocker. What's actually more shocking is that they're still asking an exorbitant amount of money for that fugly stuff. Fail!

Every time I see that Pigment Swiftly LS I think...maybe...still kicking myself for not jumping on the Rocksteady Swiftly. I loved that color!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone happen to see the Pigment Blue Women's Compression socks in their local stores. I signed on last week less than 2 hours after the product notification email came in & they were sold oud :(

Anonymous said...

OT - Need some help on what to match with the 105F Crop in Bordeaux Drama.

Got this as a birthday gift... And LOVE the colour, but what colour tank to wear with it?

Thought it might go with black, but both my NLT and Scoop Me Up in this shade made for a drab look.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!

LuluAddict said...

I think pinks look good with Bordeaux Drama, of course, from Pretty Pink to Pow Pink. If you want to go the contrasting route, a lot of the oranges look good with it - Flare, Pop Orange, Flush. Split Pea also looks nice with it so I'd explore the greenish yellows. Angel Blue looks good with it. I also like to take a look at the quilted Wunder Under or Groove waistbands to see what they put it with - they are showing pigment with it but I'm not sure I like two such dramatic colors next to each other fighting for attention. Cashew, of course, looks nice with it.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 3:29 am - I don't know about either the half zip or the tank. I would have thought we'd see those already if they were coming out.

Anonymous said...

I paired my tonka bordeaux turbo tank with my deep indigo WUC earlier and the combo actually worked. :-)

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:32am

-I think any grey/white tank combo looks nice. I wear my 105f BD crops with the CRB Racer Length with the polka dots.

- I also agree with LLA: Cashew and Split Pea both look fantastic... the latter much to my surprise.

- While the NLT in black might look drab, the version with the Tonka Stripe Cashew bra looks great, since it adds an unexpected break.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I paired my BD bottoms with the NLT in black/cashew striped.

I have the NLT in black but did not like the pairing... with although my sister thinks I am crazy to have bought both, since she thinks they are one in the same...

I agree to disagree.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if the WU Denin in Deep Indigo Slub also made it to the WMTM today? Last time I checked the site (two days ago) they were fully stock in sizes but are not longer on the site? Or did they sell out? Was going to get them now but can't find them anymore :-/

Jamie Barba said...

I was disappointed with the WMTM today too. I was hoping for the 105 singlet as well!!!

Anonymous said...

i paired my bordeaux 105 f crops with my caspian nlt, and it looks awesome. it also looked great with my silver luxtreme x long crb

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the NLT in black is the same as a NLT in black with a different coloured bra.

A full on black tank does not go with everything... As it can drag down the overall look of an outfit... Which is where the variation can be used to brighten it up.

The NLT black/cashew is a cool, but unexpected complement to any BD bottom.