Sunday, September 2, 2012

More of the Latest Plus All the New Bags for School

Angel Star Runner SS. My store did not have these the other day.

Bright at Night Pants with the Currant Down Town Vest and Gray LS Swiftly top.

Down Town Puffy Jacket and Vest.

Pigment Tonka Stripe Calm SS Tee. Shown with Pigment Cool Racerback and what looks like older Static Charocal Still Pants.

Photo of the new bags in case you want a new one for college for yourself or your child. I love lulu bags for the gym - roomy and tons of pockets - but not sure it's durable enough for school if you have to carry a ton of heavy stuff. (I personally love Dakine for my kids - they wear like iron - and have things like padded backs and cooler pockets.) Bags shown: Yogo Moto Messenger, Best Practice Pack, Wet Coast Backpack, and Om Tote.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting! Are those Bright at Night pants as see through as they appear to be? I was in the store today (nothing new to report) and was on a mission to find capris for running that could be used for yoga as well. Even with sizing up, they were see through! I'm a 4 or 6... I tried an 8, too! I ended up with the Run: Like the Wind Crops bc they were on markdown and were the least shear. Any recommendations/insight?

3crazykids said...

Does anyone know if this Star Runner SS gives Star Trek shoulders? I remember a LS shirt did that last Fall.

Susan Morgan said...

When I tried on the Bright at Night pants in black they were not sheer, just extremely long.


I am looooving my best practice pack for school! I initially got the essential gym bag, which is great, but lugging a cross body tote with a laptop, a change of clothes, makeup, and books, from manhattan to my school 2 days a week in the Bronx is just too much. So I got the last best practice pack at the Union Square store in the fair pink, which I've actually ended up liking as it is neutral, and I'm loving it! I have to bring a laptop for work, which fits easily, along with a binder, clothes, makeup, jewelry, and basically anything else I'd ever WANT to bring! I looove the card slots in the flap for my metrocard and school id, and the water bottle slots on the sides. It is a brillantly designed bag and def worth the money. In the past (going back to HS, that was the last time I used a backpack!!) I had North Face or Kipling backpacks, which were durable, but like a black hole - everything got lost. The only thing I wish was that there were little feet on the bottom but oh well. It's an awesome bag. I like the Split Pea color but in NYC, it's way too bright. I initially wanted black but I'm so happy with the color I got.

Pink Peony 4 said...

So far nothing interests me. Good thing. It's labor day and beaucoups of sales here at the outlet mall. I might just have to divert my lulu funds to something else.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious about the Dakine packs that you recommended for kids. What model do they have?