Thursday, September 13, 2012

Black Slub Denim Define and Lots More

Finally, a nice close up photo of the Black Slub Denim/Tonka Stripe Define (you can click on it to make it bigger). Shown with the Angel Whole Hearted Tank and Running With My Homies Crops.

I really like the color blocking on the back of this version of the Speed Squad tank. It's the Cashew Tonka Stripe shown with matching Cashew/Flash Inspires.

The Pretty Pink Speed Squad tank shown in a great series of photos illustrating lululemon clothes used in a Crossfit-style workout. I know she's wearing a dark bra underneath but the Pretty Pink luxtreme looks rather sheer. More photos from that photo session:

Catch Me Tanks in action. I'm not sure what crops these are.

Angel and Pretty Pink Speed Squad Tanks. Not sure about the crops.

Whole Hearted Tanks in Flare and Angel, shown with Inspire Crops.
Post workout outfits - Power Ys and Studio Pants (on the ladies)

Dense Purple Wunder Unders, Cashew Stripe Cool Racerback and Sattva Jacket.

New Twinkle Silver Reflective Speed Shorts shown with a heathered Power Purple Cool Raceback.

 Flare Swiftly LS and Cashew Tonka Stripe Fast and Free Crops.

 Pigment Swiftly LS shown with Milky Way Speed Shorts.

Pigment Tonka Stripe Power Y with matching Gather and Crow crops. Also shown is the Presence LS.

 Presence of Mind LS, Angel Blue Cool Racerback and Virtue Energy Pants.

 Angel Blue Define with Angel Blue Cool Racerback

 I am a sucker for awesome yoga poses while wearing lululemon - shown is a Black Turbo tank and Milky way Wunders Under crops. The second photo is an Angel Blue Catch Me Tank and Boogie Shorts.

I really like the very classic lines of the men's Wet Coast Jacket.


Norm said...

I wish ANY of the 10 SoCal Lulu's would get that Wet Coast Jacket in stock!

Anonymous said...

How often does lululemon restock? I'd really like the cool racer back in pigment blue!

Anonymous said...

The speed squad tank in cashew tonk stripe looks awesome. It looks super slimming. I may need to get that!

Anonymous said...

Did that slub denim define already get uploaded? I hope I didn't miss it!

Liz8 said...

If anyone is interested, both the twinkle star and milky way turbos are 4-way stretch! I assume the speeds are the same.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:43pm: At least on US side, slub denim define is there in all sizes:


Anonymous said...

Lululemon rarely restocks. Once a color-style combination is sold out, it's gone forever.

LuluAddict said...

I'd add a caveat to that by saying sometimes a random size will come in as a return and it will briefly pop up on the website. However, items that sell out within hours tend not to pop up again.

Sb said...

Sometimes the store gets anothernshipmentnof the same style/color. I was told this by my store Ed. I also noticed in the store that sometimes an items is not available in my size but a week later, there will be several in my size. Mseems like they may get 2 shipments ioccasionally.

LuluAddict said...

Sometimes things are shipped from stores that can't sell them to stores that an item sold well at.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information!

Kathleen said...

OT but I wanted to share with the So Cal girls: The Lululemon in Glendale is a markdown wonderland right now. Apparently they are shipping all the markdowns for the LA area to that store.

I'm not sure when it happened since they used to have a rack and (maybe!) one of the display racks with sale stuff... Now it has taken up the entire upstairs. Men's, Women's, and bags were all there last night. Tons of Grooves and Astros on markdown at sizes 8 and above, Classic pieces (CRBs, every tank, skirt and short imaginable) and some of the older patterns if you are missing something in your collection.

I was scared to post this out of fear it would get raided, hehe, but I got the items I wanted last night. Happy shopping!

Pink Peony 4 said...

I love all the speed squad tanks!!! The team spirit tanks are similar to these but made of silverescent with luxtreme straps. Way too cute. My favorite running and working out tanks right now.

Anonymous said...


Love the heathered power purple CRB. Any sense of whether this is an upload item or a strategic partner item?


LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:12 am - The heathered power purple CRB was uploaded at the beginning of August. You might be able to find it at stores or in strategic partner stores.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried washing their angel blue define yet? I just washed mine (cold, delicate, inside out so as not to bang up the zipper, gentle detergent) and when I hung it to dry it smelled like fish!! All the other clothes in the load (also lulu) smelled totally normal. I am totally baffled because I don't eat seafood at all, cook it or keep it in my house. I contacted customer support and they said to see if it still smells like fish when it dries and if so to bring it into the store. I'm embarrassed to bring it in though!