Friday, August 31, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip - Hold It Against Me and Breath of Fire Bras Plus New Ta Ta Tamer Color

Sea Wheeze Bright Lime on top of Split Pea Turbo Tank

Sea Wheeze Dark Plum on top of Bordeaux Drama Turbo Tank
I remembered to bring my Sea Wheeze Swiftly headbands in Bright Lime and Dark Plum (? I think that is the name) with me to the store to see how they match up against Split Pea and Bordeaux Drama. The lime and Split Pea are pretty similar, as you can see. The Dark Plum is pinker than the Bordeaux. I know some of you are thinking since you don't have Sea Wheeze stuff it doesn't apply to you but I am thinking about down the road. Sea Wheeze items will show up on ebay in a few months when people get tired of them so I wanted to put a comparison on record.

Photo of the inside of the Hold It Against Me bra
I was really happy to see the new Hold It Against Me and Breath of Fire Bras at the store today. The Hold It Against Me bra is really interesting. I read the on-line reviews and people said the band ran tight. I'm not sure I agree with that. I think the bands run similar to the Ta Ta Tamer. The material feels almost like neoprene so there is very little give when you try to put it on. I had to put it on around my waist and then move it up to my chest since I didn't have enough strength in my hands to pull the hooks to the eyes behind my back. Once the bra was in place the band did not feel too tight around my ribcage. It's not like I don't have to wrestle myself into the cross-strapped version of the Ta Ta Tamer so I don't hold this against this bra. The straps have almost no give and are adjusted by hooks. There are no cup pockets, as you can see, so headlights are an issue. I thought the bra felt very supportive. However, one of the questions in my head was that since the cups are made of luxtreme my breasts might bounce a lot. I tried jogging in the dressing room but I couldn't get a good idea of the amount of bounce. I think it would probably be ok but I'd really have to take it for a run to tell. At $68 it's just too much for me to gamble on. However, if this bra hits markdown I will definitely give it a try. The front of the bra comes up very high. It shows a good half inch or more above a Cool Racerback. That is one thing I am not a fan of, particulary in a dull black color. The other is that there is no way to cross the straps. If this had come out in a straight racerback version with a slightly lower front, so it doesn't show above CRBs, I probably would have bought it. Most of the time I wear a racerback style top so that is the type of athletic bra I need the most. All in all, I'd say it was an interesting high support bra and if the Ta Ta Tamer isn't working for you you might want to check this out.

I also got to try the new Breath of Fire bra. I thought it was imensely more comfortable in the back of the neck than the Lift and Separate bra, which pulls on my neck. It's a great improvement. The cup pockets are not deep enough / give enough coverage for me (36DD) so it's a pass but if you liked the Lift and Separate and the neck bugged you definitely check this bra out.

I also don't have a full photo but there is a new Ta Ta Tamer color out (yay!) in Pretty Pink Tonka Stripe. I wish there were some new bright colors like Angel or Flare in the Ta Ta Tamer but maybe they are coming.

I nearly bought the new Perfect Layer tee in the Pigment Tonka Stripe burnout. I just loved this color and tee. I'd say this top is definitely a size-down top. I ended up going home with the new Bordeaux Define (and a Currant Bangbuster) but it was a close call. I nearly passed on the Bordeaux Define until I tried in on over the Tonka Stripe Flare Cool Racerback and both colors just came alive against each other.

I tried on the 105F Singlet and really liked it. If the racerback weren't so deep in the back I would have bought it. The overall style is so cute and lightweight, I just love it. I'm just not brave enough to wear a top like this to spin or for weights. If I did hot yoga, I'd probably get this tank in a heartbeat. I'll keep an eye out for this tank to hit the markdown rack.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for your review of the Hold It Against me. I'm naturally a 34DD and I find LLL's lack of supportive sports bras to be super-frusturating.

christie said...

For those who purchased the speed squad tank- did you size down?

Cari H said...

@LuluAddict- You are on a define buying spree these days! I love it! What are you planning to pair with your new bordeaux define? I keep trying to justify the bordeaux define, but I think I have to pass- I have the plum mini check In Stride which has the full plum lulu logo in the front, which IMO makes it much more similar to the bordeaux than the plum mini check define which had the contrasting grey lulu symbol.

Anonymous said...

Marti said.... that's funny, last night when I saw the Bordeaux Drama define preview pics. I decided it would be my winter define and my first brand new define. Anyway after scouring through the available colors and without seeing it in person, I decided that flare would compliment bordeaux the best. So, I need to purchase a flare CRB or power Y, I didn't plan to buy any flare because I already have pop orange.
I have the Bordeaux wonder unders but I don't intend to wear them with the matching jacket -too much. I'm not sure about keeping them at all. I would love the cashew tonka WUC if they actually look tan/beige and not just black and white.
Well, it's nice to know I have retained some of my artistic skills

LuluAddict said...

The Cashew tonka stripe looks tan in person. I was super tempted by the CRB today.

Pop Orange also looks nice with Bordeaux. So does Flush if you have it.

Anonymous said...

I would looooove an angel blue ta ta tamer.

The cashew stripe stuff is also tempting. I love XL CRBs. Probably won't get the triangle gusset crops. But for sure the CRB.

And pigment! So happy to see more pigment blue. Hoping hard for some pigment DSPs. Just got indigo recently and even though they're a bit too slouchy to wear to work, I can't bring myself to return them.

The orbit-splotch-whatever Scuba also has potential, if I see one with a great pattern placement. Not that I need another scuba. But we'll see.

Anonymous said...

I sized way down in the speed squad tank because I bought it to go with skirts and thus wanted it to fit tighter and shorter. My CRB size varies between a 6 and 8, but I bought the speed squad tank in a 4. If I had planned to wear with running crops, I would have gone with a 6.

Anonymous said...

The hold it against me bra has technology that starts working with your body heat. You need to let it sit against your skin for a minute or two so it can conform to your body. It doesn't feel so tight once it settles in.

I thought it was awesome. My boobs didn't bounce at all when I tried it on! I love that lulu keeps innovating.

Pink Peony 4 said...

No. It is tts for me. I am a 34 b and if you have bigger breasts you might need to size up even. It fits me fine. This is my favorite tank btw. I got the cashew/ black and the angel blue today from upload. LOVE... I am 5'2" 118 lbs. Hope this helps. Let me know if you need me to measure the tanks for you.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:42 am - Interesting about the body heat thing. I kept the bra on for awhile while I tried on various tops and it didn't feel too tight to me at all. It was actually rather comfortable.

@ Cari H - I tried out a variety of my CRBs with the Bordeaux and I like Flare, Pop Orange, Pow Pink, April Wee ARe From Space, Tree Frog, Heathered Smokey Rose, and Flush with it. I also have Angel Blue tops which is one of the colors used in the quilted waistbands with Bordeaux, though that isn't my favorite combo.

Kathleen said...

@LLA and Anon 7:42: I am one of the people that left a review of it online. I did not think to try the band at my waist and pulling up. I also did not even let it sit after a few hops in the band sized up. I was bouncing all over the place. Perhaps I could try the waist thing, but I am not sure how I would shove my implants through the tighter top part in the bra. I'll try this weekend and see if I can get it working TTS with the clasping at the waist bit. I might be at Fashion Island tomorrow so hopefully they will have it there.

LuluAddict said...

@ Kathleen - I thought the center "hole" in the cups looked kind of small, too, when I tried it on but it seemed to work for me. I have natural breasts that can be smashed into shapes and I understand bra fitting is a bit of a different process if you have implants. Like I wrote, I couldn't tell for sure if the bounce control was the same as the TTT but it seemed pretty close.

Kathleen said...

After a re-try I think it may be the implants which are the problem. I would be curious to see if that might be why the reviews varied so much. I still cannot even manage the TTS and trying to put it on was painful. Perhaps this is one of those bras that really is best for the natural girls.