Friday, August 17, 2012

Pigment Blue Wunder Unders and More

Milky Way Power Y and Pigment Blue Wunder Under crops.

Close Up of Milky Way print
Pigment Blue Scoop Me Up tank and Milky Way Wunder Unders.

Shown with a Catch Me Tank
Flare Speed Squad Skirt

Run: Rest Day Pullover

The Turn Around Tank I bought at the Lab. It has a luxtreme front with a mesh back. I haven't worked up the courage to wear it to the gym but it's quite nice in the hot weather. It looks really cute with an Energy Bra underneath. This is Coal. The logo, a black one, is at the bottom left of the second photo.

I also bought a Tiny Tee from the lab. This is made of Vitasea.


Anonymous said...

I love my RRDP, I bought it in black. If you wear two sizes in LLL, I'd go with your smaller size.


Anonymous said...

Is the RRDP tight in the arms? I wear a 10 scuba & in most jackets & had to size up to 12 in the studio jacket to get a nice looking fit in the arms. Will I be safe getting a 10 in the RRDP? Thanks.

Kbelle said...

Love the tiny tee. It seems like it would be a nice option for more coverage while still sleeveless or for layering under a jacket. I like the milky way print in this close up because there is not as much white. All the clothing pics I have seen of it have a lot of white and i am not in love with the print for that reason.

Anonymous said...

I really like the Milky Way print. IMO it is nicer than the Mirage print... and a nice break/option in a sea of solids. Think it translates better in the tank format though -- particularly the Power Y, since the black piping "grounds' it.

I read a comment on this blog that likened the print to acid wash/80s rocker look. Have to admit that when I tried on the WUs I did feel like Dee Snyder and 'did not take it'.


Anonymous said...

IMO the milky way print is pretty, but the XL CBR is so so cheap looking. Shiny fabric and poor stitching!

Anonymous said...

Questions to the owners of the Run Fast and Free crop:

1- Any issues (CT or sheerness)?
2- How does it hold up in sweaty situations?

I took the plunge and tried on a pair yesterday. Was pleasantly surprised, since initially I hated the ruffles and believed the material to be too silky.

I am considering the Wee are From Space White Combo and am hesitant since my workouts can be intense and I dread sweat marks near the crotch region (sorry for the TMI!).

Any insight would be most appreciated!

Liz8 said...

Anonymous 4:50- I have the Wee are From Space White inspires from a few months ago. They don't show sweat really at all. I think the stripes actually help hide the sweat lines. I also feel like the stripe fabric is a little thicker and more compressive/supportive. I love them!

Anonymous said...

@ Liz8: Thanks for the advice for the Run Fast & Free in Wee are From Space. I will definitely be picking them up!

Anonymous said...

@ 4:50 the Run Fast & Free crop. Have the original release all black pair. My regular tts 4 and they fit perfectly. No ct, not mt, no sheerness whatsoever. They stay put (don't even need to use the drawcord), no sinking down. Back of the hems ride up a bit but are not uncomfortable at all/non-issue. Haven't bought yet, but have my eye on the wafswc version...have too many crops; it's the only reason haven't bought that version yet. I DO have the Run Speed short in that pattern (vertical stripes) and they DO show sweat. Eventually I'm all sweaty though and don't care (and running outside). Love the pattern/color version.

Anonymous said...

can anyone give me some reviews on the new running skirt?? i like the flare one but my store doesnt have it in and the online reviews are not very helpful.

thanks fellow addicts!! <3

Bianca said...

Has anyone seen pigment blue will pants? i saw them on a facebook lululemon exchange page but was wondering if they were in store??

Anonymous said...

Speaking of sweat lines... Am looking for a good undergrament to avoid this. Anyone try the Premium Technithong?

Anonymous said...

The sleeves on my RRDP were not tight! I did pick mine up in the 1st run during the spring, though.