Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photos of the Latest

The first photo I've seen of the Presence of Mind Jacket in Deepest Cranberry.

More Presence of Mind Jacket photos.
Pigment Blue Scoop Me Up with the Milky Way Wunder Unders

Shown with the Verve Pant in Deep Cranberry Denim

Shown with the Speed Squad Skirt

Shown with Black Verve Pants

Shown with Angel Blue Astro Pants

New Scoop Me Up Tanks in Pigment Blue and Split Pea.

Dense Purple/Ziggy Wee Caspian Define Jacket

 The Rest Day Pullovers are back.

Based on the color options and name I'd say the Ride On Anorak in Dazzling was supposed to be released with the first batch of commuter capsule stuff. I wonder why it was held back.

Speed Squad Short in Flare

Shown in Fossil Twisted Stripe

Shown with the Nothin But Run Jacket

Shown in Power Purple and Flare

Shown in Fossil and Flare
Speed Squad shorts and skirt photos.

 Verve Pant photos. I'll have to remember to try these on when I am next at the store.

I took the tags off my new Light Flare Cool Racerback today. I just love this color even if it is crazy bright. I even went overboard and paired it with my Pow Pink Define. It's one of the softer CRBs.


Anonymous said...

I really love the flare color too! But I just received my ss Split Pea swiftly tee in the post and I'm not lovin that. The color seems waaaay off compared to the lovely yellow pictured online :(

Anonymous said...

I wanted to love the Presence of Mind jacket SO badly. It feels like you're wearing a blanket, how wonderful!

Sadly it also looks like that on me :( So...soft... I wanted the Cozy Coat last year and couldn't pay the price.

Anonymous said...

I stopped into my Lulu last night. They got 17 boxes of new stuff yesterday. It's rare that they have all the items I liked from the weekly upload.
I tried on that crop top hoodie, the hood was huge. I didn't like it.
I also tried the hoodie with the front pockets, that was super cute. The store didn't have red so I ordered it online.
I didn't see it online but the store had the Dense purple In Stride. I really liked it but I don't need anohther jacket.

Anonymous said...

LLA, I'm with you, I love the Flare color and I wish it had come out before Flash and Flash Light. I came home and took my old Electric Orange CRB for comparision, and it's much darker and richer. The old EO looks more like FL. The new Flare is between FL and Daz in my opinion.

I think pairing it with the pink is brilliant! Litrally!

macfrannie said...

I predict there will be a trip to my local store in the near future if they have the rest day pull over in stock. I've been obsessing about at least trying that on since their ninja appearance last month. I like the black but wonder if it will fade with time, does anyone have any experience with that?

Thanks so much for the report on the Light Flare CRB. I've been thinking of looking at that one too but I have a Dazzling and a Flash Light CRB but I am a sucker for orange and they look so good under white burnout tees. I feel like a reverse dream-cicle.


Anonymous said...

I see a Define in wee stripe dune flash in the product preview. However, if I click on the product to purchase it, that color isn't available.
Is it some sort of LLL website glitch that reveals a new Define color that will be released in next week's upload?

Anonymous said...

With the exception of the rest day pullover (don't like it enough though to buy it) none of this stuff appeals to me. Those angel blue astros reversed...not a good look and she's in good shape.

Aww, Nothin But Run Jacket. I sold my SeaWheeze one (for a non-inflated price) as I should have bought a size down and I knew I wouldn't wear it too big. It's OK because it made someone else happy to get SW gear that they didn't have access to.

Anonymous said...

so in love with the milky way WU. esp that particular one...more blues than white

Anonymous said...

Totally agree... love my light flare CRB! The power purple CRB is incredibly soft as well.

Anonymous said...

i think i like the cranberry/red slub denim but what I really want to see is a cranberry define or stride - the same single color as the cranberry scarf. Would like to pair it with the ziggy wee flare CRB. The Ziggy wee flare looks so good with the blush quartz define, as well. Good to transition to Fall. It seems like the cranberry red slub denim has alot of currant red in it?

Anonymous said...

Bit the bullet and ordered the power purple scuba! I've been wanting one for winter and LOVE my power purple CRB. It's my first scuba- was set on ordering it when te dense purple define came out and I almost got that instead! Soo cute! But I already have one define and can't justify two. So finally ordered the scuba today. Went with my normal size and not Define size- I don't have a huge chest so hopefully it will be fine/

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 7:31 am - the scubas seem to be fitting a little larger this year so you should be fine. The Power Purple Scuba is so pretty. I am very tempted to get it myself.

KS said...

FYI for the no limit lovers, my local store got the no limit tank in pretty pink with the bra portion being pretty pink tonka stripe.
I thought it was pretty similar to the blush one we saw a few months ago but nice if you missed out on that one.


I want the rest day pullover! and i love my flare crb too! thinking about wearing it with angel blue energy bra today

Anonymous said...

I must say those girls make that ugly ass jacket look good.

Anonymous said...

@ macfrannie
I have the Restday Pullover in black.
It has faded a bit, but honestly, I don't think it looks bad. It's a casual pullover and not meant to be perfect and spiffy looking, IMO.
I bought mine in February and am still loving it.

Anonymous said...

yuk yuk yuk and yuk; wow my wallet is safe week after week, i am just not liking anything they come out w/; a few things are okay but i am so stocked up that i am waiting for something i just have to have- classic winners that are tried and true- since all the new stuff looks rediculous- i can't believe people will buy some of these horrible designs- i thing they must have a new design team that just doesn't make cloths that fit the athletic frame they are horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I also bought the RRDP in black during the 1st run. Mine hasn't faded yet. It is so.. soft and comfy.


Luli Designs said...

Lulu addict - do you know what colour the red Nothin But Run Jacket is? Thanks!