Friday, August 31, 2012

NEW! Cashew Tonka Stripe CRB, Star Runner SS Top, and More

New Cashew/Heathered black Tonka Stripe (I think. It could be Coal Tonka Stripe) Cool Racerback.

Coal Tonka Stripe Star Runner SS Tee. Shown with the Milky Way print Inspire Crops.

Pigment Blue Swiftly Half Zip

Bordeaux Define and Coal/Flare Stripe Groove Pants

New Speed Squad tank in Pigment Tonka Stripe and Milky Way Pacesetter Skirt.

The Pigment Blue Cool Racerback looks great with this woman's coloring.

More photo of the new Bright at Night pant in Flare. Shown with the Flare Half Zip Swiftly.

Milky Way Inspire Crops

Milky Way Scuba. Top photo is shown with reversible Pigment Wunder Under pants.

I would have never thought of pairing Pigment (CRB) with Angel (Define) but I really like it.

Downtown Puffy Jacket in Pigment

 Milky Way Pacesetter skirt

Pigment Brisk Run Toque


Christie said...

I love it all. Does it look like the jacket is pulling on her chest? Just wondering about fit in the shoulder/bust area.

Susan Morgan said...

Actually I'm really loving those bright at night pants. They look excellent for a fall jogs with my dog. I'd probably also pick up the stripe CRB just because I don't have anything like it in my workout wardrobe. I hope they start making more non-swiftly long sleeves for winter. As much as I love that fabric, I don't trust being around my dog with that fabric on. I only buy swiftly items on sale.

Anonymous said...

I like the look of the Bright At Night pant. I'm due to replace my current Fall & Winter running tights, so will definitely check these out. They're probably not warm enough for some of the colder temps we can get in Toronto (weather can be all over the place here over the Winter), so I do hope LLL makes a legging/pant that's geared towards some colder temps. LLL, please don't make me go to MEC...lately I'm disappointed with the way their stuff fits...can feel/look dumpy, and Running Room can be the same and their stuff is not cheap either, same goes for New Balance.

I like the Star Runner S/S...will wait on that since I don't need it for Fall & Winter.

Anonymous said...

Marti said.....
Has anyone seen the cashew tonka stripe items? I would like to know if it actually looks beige/tan or just black and white. Of course it just looks like black and white on my monitor.


Kate said...

I'm loving the Bright at Night pants! Just the other day I realized I have plenty of shorts, enough crops, but not nearly enough non-tights-pants to get me through the cold weather here in MI.

Anonymous said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Tonka Strie Cashew CRB, but will hold out to see if it comes out in the Scoop Me Up version.

It happened with the Milky Way print, so I am hoping the same is true for this striped fabric.

Keeping my fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Any ideas on the price of the bright at night pant?

Anonymous said...

It looks as though the model is wearing the reversible WU in Dense Purple in the first shot.

I tried these on a few days ago and think they are the best luon bottoms that I have ever tried!

The colour is sooooooo beautiful and goes with everything. The only thing that would make it better was if it was made in luxtreme.

Have to admit... I bought my first pair of luxtreme crops yesterday... And I am in LOVE.

Will be picking up the 105 Crops in Bordeaux soon... Will should go fabulously with the Tonka Striped Cashew CRB!

Anonymous said...

Yawn. This stuff is not for me. Maybe for once i can sleep through an upload :)

Melissa said...

I like the Tonka Stripe CRB and the Bordeaux Drama Define is calling my name.... I have a white In Stride I hardly wear, I could sell it for $$ for that pretty Define...

anonymous me said...

Marti @10:23am Tonka cashew stripe looks off-white to me in store, but that's store lighting and not natural light.

I've been back and forth on the ls every yogi in cashew/black, but I have several of the black/white stripe from last year so it seems overly redundant. Those every yogis are so hard to resist though, they're a winter staple for me.

Rest of items - the bordeaux define is growing on me but I've already gone bordeaux crazy with the WUs, turbo tank, singlet, breath of fire bra, and piroutte headband. I think I need an intervention, especially since I have plum WU crops too.

-anonymous me

anonymous me said...

part 2 (from anonymous me)

I'm really liking the look of the Bright at Night pant, though I hope it comes in an all black version. I never got into the flare, and would want to wear it with other colours, so pure black is better for me.

The Star Runner ss here looks like the ss version of the cashew/black ls that's pictured as a sneak peak on the new (Canadian) homepage.

One of my local stores gets stuff fairly early, so I'm going to have to go check it out, even though I'm on lulu-lockdown for a few weeks because of my recent purchasing frenzy of currant and bordeaux items.

-anonymous me

Anonymous said...

has anyone seen the angel blue define in stores yet? so bummed I missed out online!

Sandra said...

I totally agree! LOVE the dense purple reversible WUC!
I'm thinking about getting the pigment blue reversible WU... Does anyone know if they are as great at the dense purple WUC???

Julie said...

Cashew looks beige/black in person.

The bright at night pants do come in an all black version. They are really long- I'm 5'3" and they came to the end of my toes. I thought they would look odd hemmed since the boot cut didn't start until after my calf muscle.

I was able to get the Bordeaux drama WUs which I was thrilled about since I missed out on them online.

The Bordeaux define was really gorgeous in person, but I'm more of a currant red girl. Bummed about not finding an angel blue define, was able to get the swiftlys.

Anonymous said...

9:48 am again. I was in the store today. The Bright At Night pants are $98. They do come in an all black version, which is what I'd also get. I saw all black, flare waistband and milky way waistband. The hang tag says they are thicker so hopefully this covers my need for more insulating material for colder temps. I was going to try them on but as it's back to school, change rooms were very busy and I was not up for waiting and don't need to buy a.s.a.p. Also saw the Star Runner s/s and it's great - thicker material and seems well made. They had all of the new stuff but I didn't spend too much time since it was very busy. There's another store near me that should be a little less crazy tomorrow. I also wanted to get the new royal blue (whatever the real colour name is?) CRB but they were out of my size. I'll have better luck at the other location tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I think I have to have that puffy jacket!!! IN BLUE!! Of course, I'd never open the silly sleeves.. but it looks so flattering on!!! LOVE THE BIG COLLAR!!! And yes, after you, Luladdict- I sent my hubby on a detour after work to pick me up the bordeaux define!! HA!

Anonymous said...

I am also wondering of anyone knows if we will see the angel blue define in stores.. My store didn't get it. They thought maybe next week, but didn't know. I decided not to order online because it takes so long to get my stuff and I knew I would be away when it arrived. I can only ask my neighbors so many times to get my lulu package without looking like a crazy person!