Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Gonna Be a Blast....

We walked back to the Convention Center tonight after dinner and workers were putting up tents, baricades, portapotties, and this cool screen.

There was also a cool wall for runners to write down your 2012 Sea Wheeze Goals. I'm bummed I missed it, but they were also spray painting the Sea Wheeze runner girl on your body.

I went back to the store to see what was left and it was pretty picked over. I understand the general public got let in with the runners first thing this morning even though I thought runners only were supposed to be able to shop initially. My husband said most of the people he helped check in were from out of town so I can see why people are kind of upset items like the Red speed shorts were sold out in something like forty minutes. He also said it was noted on the suggestion board in the back that runners have priority access to the store ahead of the public so lululemon knows there was an issue. The store stuff was really cute but I hope subsequent races have the race logo and date on it like the worker's shirts. As far as I am concerned, the workers and volunteers got the coolest shirts since they actually say Sea Wheeze on it.


Anonymous said...

It's like that at Disney races too. The general public comes in and snags up all the cute stuff then sells them on eBay for crazy prices.

Anonymous said...

I flew in from Texas and couldn't get to the store until 2:00. There was nothing less. I was so disappointed. I agree, next year maybe Friday is runners only? Also, maybe on Friday you are only allowed one of each item to let other people have a shot. Then Saturday can be a free for all. Just a thought. So excited to head out there to run in an hour!! :)

SeeAlliRun said...

Sportstats NEVER changes their colour scheme, however, they did change their colour scheme to the SeaWheeze colours for this race. Tres cool!

I'm actually surprised though that Sportstats did the timing, they are Ottawa based.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear about your race, hope you're having a great day! Loved your post a week or so ago on wrapping up the training, and your fitness journey...thanks for sharing, and thanks for all the effort you put into your blog, it's a lot of fun to read!

Krista @ Stethoscopes and Running Shoes said...

I totally agree with you about the stores and the worker's shirts! I think that the runner's definitely should have had first access to the clothing. Let the public in later. I saw ladies in there, not wearing a thing of lululemon, leaving with 4 BIG BAGS of clothing. I'll bet my right leg, most of that stuff is going on eBay. So frustrating!

And yes! I totally loved the worker's shirts! I was talking to one of the workers and she said that they heard that alot this weekend, and that they 'most likely' will have something similar for the public next year!

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one that thinks all of thee Sea Wheeze colors and patterns look clown like? Seriously. You could only wear one piece at a time MAX! Dots, Stripes, plaid, c'mon. Funny that practically since the conception of Lululemon, and especially in the past 2-3 years, up until the last 3 month or so, all you could get was grey and black, 50 more shade of grey, and a couple of shades of black....good Lord.

I also find it funny that this, LLA's most recent post was almost 24 hours ago, and without any "boob" talk, "see through" talk and "runnning dyes" talk, not one comment. Haven't you all been shopping over the weekend?

I think it's super admirable that LLA took the time, energy and enthusiasm to train for something she has never done before AND is taking the time to post, to the best of her ability, a "play by play" accounting of this momentus event, and no one has anything to comment about? Hmnn..

I have never taken up the sport of running. I get my fitness, and physique through other means of sport, but even I have been inspired by this woman. Not just by her dedication to looking cute and getting a good deal!

Thank you LLA for your commitment to this blog, but your commitment to consistent training to a sport that was new to you, and here you are rising to the occasion! Bravo!

And Bravo to your husband that has, no doubt been a support and inspiration to you, your family and friends.

"Showing up" on race day is the "real deal"! You go girl!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon a website Is it legit? Everything on the site is pretty current and regular priced. I saw a swiftly that isn't on the lululemon site anymore, but I want to make sure it isn't fake. Does anyone know anything about this site?


LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:42 pm - Thank you!!! I'm having a great time sharing the experience with you all. It was so fun. My sister said it was the best half she's run yet. She loved the energy and the course. We're hoping to come back next year.

Anonymous said...

Call the GEC and ask if they own or operate the site... I already know the answer is no but sometimes you have to hear it for yourself :)

Anonymous said...

LLA Congratulations - I cannot run for 10 minutes comfortably, let alone a half-marathon (and I'm a group fitness instructor). Very impressed, I think you are a class act through and through.
Anon 5.42 hear hear!!

LuluAddict said...

lululemon is not legit.

Anonymous said...

Gina, I checked out that "Lululemon outlet" and I would totally stay AWAY from it. It screams FRAUD/SCAM.

I read "about us", "contact us", "privacy policy", "shipping", "return policy", and "FAQ" links, and not once a physical address or a telephone number is disclose! No way to know where they are, how to reach them or who they really are. The only way to get in contact with them, is thru an online format that goes to them directly from the site.
I would NEVER provide my credit card info or physical address, on an online "store", that is neither secure (you don't see the little lock symbol at checkout), nor traceable.

They also say, if you want to return something, you must submit pictures, and they decide on giving you a "partial return" minus shipping charges that are "not refundable".

Also, notice how on some pages, lululemon is actually spelled "lulumelon" (!!??) and on the "shipping" link page, they say they ship with FedEx (amongst other carriers) BUT thf link provided for FedEx is "" (!!?)

Also and more interesting is that they say they are an "outlet" that offers lulemon at discount prices, however, the prices are exactly the same as on the real or even MORE expensive, because what on real lulu site is on WMTM, is listed on the so called "outlet" at full price (!?)

The only thing they do seem to have, are just a few tanks and crops is sold out colors and sizes on the real lulu site, like the Swiftly LS and SS in Currant, or Daily Tank in Mirage and Indigo is most sizes, etc. But I don't think anyone in her right mind would order from this site, no matter how much you want the item.

On their disclosure page, they put a lot of emphasis on that color variation between what's advertised and what you receive, is not their fault but your computer's brightness, and therefore, this is NOT a valid reason for returns!!

S-T-A-Y A-W-A-Y is my suggestion.

Kristin said...

AWESOME accomplishment!! Woohoo. I'm so glad you guys had a great time. That is what truly matters. FUn, fun, fun! CONGRATS LLA!
BTW, thx for all the racing and expo recaps. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Just had a good laugh looking at that "outlet" webpage. The product descriptions are priceless and are really bad grammar and spelling.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought that site looked funny too! Thanks for all the marathon pics LLLA :)