Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Hot Spell Bra, Breath of Fire Skirt, Shorts, and More

Hot Spell Bra with Milky Way Breath of Fire Skirt and Pigment Blue Eternal Leg Warmers.

Hot Spell Bra with the Hto Spell Shorts. Also shown are the Eternal Arm Warmers and 105F Singlet.

Hot Spell Bra and Breath of Fire Shorts.

Pigment Blue Cool Racerback and Milky Way Breath of Fire Skirt.

 Milky Way Speed Squad Skirt

Some great photos of the Breath of Fire Shorts.


Liz8 said...

I'm hoping the breath of fire shorts work out to be my dream running shorts! They have a nice long inseam- just wish they had a key pocket in the waistband or something.

I'm looking forward to trying on the breath of fire bra. I think it's really interesting looking. The thing that worries me though is where the middle two straps attach to the side of the bra. They are pulling really hard at the seam (you can see it here and in one of LLL's detail shots). Looks like they are pretty tight, and there is a good chance they could rip that seam right out before too long.

ChantelleTries said...

The fire shorts are kinda cute, and yes, a key pocket would be a good be a good addition as well, but I think I'm sticking with my crops because of the compression - hard to go back to "just" shorts....

Anonymous said...

those shorts are for hot yoga. I bet you can run in them, but I prefer my turbos and run speeds.