Friday, August 31, 2012

Flare with Bordeaux

Flare CRB with Bordeaux Define

I thought I'd throw up a photo of the Flare CRB with the Bordeaux Define. It may not come across in the photo well but it looks nice together. When I tried it on in the store I had the Flare Tonka Stripe CRB on. The other colors they show in the latest quilted waistbands with Bordeaux are Angel, Split Pea, and Pretty Pink. I also tried Flush and Pop Orange against it and thought it looked kind of fun. Heathered Tree Frog looks pretty awesome, too. I also tried were Flash/Dune Stripe, April Wee Are From Space, Heathered Smokey Rose, Flush, and Pow Pink and the all looked fine.

Flush NLT

Pop Orange Swiflty

Flash/Dune CRB
With Heathered Tree Frog

I also thought I'd put up a photo of my colorful Defines. From left to right: Passion, Pow Pink, Power Purple, Bruised Berry, Potion Purple, and Bordeaux.


Cari H said...

Thanks so much for all of those color pairings! I particularly like the heathered tree frog with the Bordeaux define. I am also drooling over all of your colored defines. What a fun rainbow!

Anonymous said...

awesome color define collection:) i missed out on the angel blue define online, so i'm going to try to hunt it down during our labor day minneapolis mini trip. love the plum/lime. i'm not getting the plum/flash but it might have to be one of those "full person" combos.

Jessie77 said...


yogibabe said...

Love your Define collection, LLA! I will be getting the bordeaux drama as soon as it is uploaded, eventhough I've just received my Define in angel blue today. The angel blue is so soft and purdy! :)

Anonymous said...

Yikes!! THis jacket is gorgeous!! I had my hubby stop on his way home tonight to pick it up for me!! yippee!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the last picture with all the colorful defines ! :)

Melissa said...

I think these photos sold me on the Bordeaux Define :)

Anonymous said...

Marti said... Looks like you favor the pinks and purples.
I think I like the green with the Bordeaux-I will have to find a CRB in tree frog-

Anonymous said...

Nice define collection!! I love the angel blue combined w the Bordeaux drama. Would like to see a bordeaux
Drama stripe crb