Tuesday, August 28, 2012

105F Bra Outfits

These ladies make the 105F bra and shorts look good.

Shown with the 105F Milky Way crops

A couple of bustier women in the 105F bra.

 105F Bra

Breath of Fire skirt on the left, Breath of Fire shorts on the right

105F Bra paired with the Breath of Fire Skirt.

105F Bra with the Breath of Fire Shorts.


Anonymous said...

I truly feel LLL caters to the smaller bust woman because so many of their designs in bras and tops cause major spillage for anyone over 34B. I'm a 34C and I am always pulling up my tanks/tops and am only comfortable in the Energy bra or TaTa Tamer. So many of the "cuter/trendier" designs do not seem to cover bustier women.

LuluAddict said...

I agree, though I did read a recent rumor that said LLL is supposed to be coming out with more bras aimed at bustier women. I've heard that before. The last version was they have a busty new designer so we'll see more designs aimed at busty women. I guess time will tell. They have quite a few older designs in their vault - the All Sport bra being a favorite one many people were sad to see be discontinued - that work for bustier women. They don't need to invent too many new items - I would love a racerback TTT, though - just bring back older favorites and keep coming out with new Energy Bra and TTT colors.

Melissa said...

I think the 105F bra and shorts would be great swimwear! Sporty and functional, unlike this summer's actual swim line.

If only my bustiness would fit properly into the 105F bra...

Anonymous said...

Hi, Anon 6:59 again
I agree, LLA, that bringing back successful designs is more favorable than creating new ones that may or may not work. Would love a TTT racerback or even more coverage in front on such designs as the free to be. I used to like the flow y but have found that lately there is less coverage in front. I am not huge by any means so I feel that so many of their bras do not even cover the average sized bust.

Anonymous said...

I am busty as well 34d sometimes 34dd if my store has the 105f bra I would like to try it, it looks like it works on the 2 busty women in the picture. I sail competitively and when taking breaks from racing or are done racing, it is nice to have a cute sports bra that can be shown off alone. I could not take my top off if I was wearing the tata tamer it looks too much like a regular bra.
this top seem perfect for that, but I don't like showing too much cleavage unless I am at the beach or a party.

Seattlite said...

I'm a 32D and hoping the 105 works for me, but I certainly don't trust buying online... Hopefully I can make it to a store soon (the only one close to me is an outlet, so that won't have it).

I will admit that, as much as many people hated the Run: For Your Money Tank, the support is fantastic for the ladies. It also fits incredibly well on me, which I know was a huge issue for a lot of ladies, but I'm on the taller side. Aaaand now it's being phased out.
I wish I could say the same about the No Limits. *sigh*
Anyone know much about the Turbo Tank for us bustier ladies? Haven't seen any pictures on here with bustier women in it, so thought I would ask.