Monday, July 2, 2012

Product Notice Goodies

Pow Pink Light on left, Paris Pink on right
From one of my product notice emails - a photo of the new Pow Pink Light Swiftly Racerback. I put it next to the Paris one for comparison. It looks a bit lighter but it's so hard to tell with lulu lighting. I still think I am going to order it if it shows up tonight.

 Mirage Print Power Y - super tempting but I don't wear Power Ys too much anymore

 Pop Orange Cool Racerback - think I am ordering this

 Pow Pink Cool Racerback - think I am ordering this, too.

Pow Pink Smock, er Run For Your Money tank.

New Deep Indigo Slub Denim In Stride. If they make this in a Define, I'm definitely interested.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

bahaha, pink smock. love it.

Anonymous said...

Why, oh, why is half of the mirage Power Y white?!? It looks dumb IMO. I would be ALL over it if that pattern covered the whole tank!!! $ saved, I guess.

Kelly B said...

Love love love the Deep Indigo Slub Denim In Stride. Had to order it when I saw it today! Once I get it, I'll definitely submit a review online.

Kelly B said...

Also - I agree with Anon 7:51 AM - not a fan of half the Mirage Power Y being white. It would look so much better if it covered the whole garment!

Anonymous said...

Tried on the Mirage Power Y today ... OMG it was absolutely terrible!! The top was completely see-through without the cups and with the cups ... well, you can clearly see the cups them right through the thin, white material. But as bad as it was, the Diversity Tank was even worse!! It was very, very cheap looking. So disapointing!! Having said that I picked up the Pow Pink CRB, the Pop Orange CRB, the Perfect Layer tee in white and the Black Om pant. LOVE them all!!! I'm hoping they'll make the metallic silver CRB in a regular length soon because it was very cool "in person" as well. Oh, I tried the Pow Pink Mantra. It was cute but really not worth the price tag.