Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photos of the Latest

Pow Swiftly tank and Mirage print speed shorts.

Pop Orange CRB, Fossil Stripe Speed Shorts, Pow Swiftly and Mirage Speed Shorts.

 Bruised Berry Swiftly and Ray Free to Be Bra

 Mirage Print Power Y and matching Deep Indigo Groove Shorts.

 Deep Indigo Slub Denim In Stride Jacket

 Fossil Slub Denim Wanderful Pants

 The Mirage Print Speeds
 Mirage Print Flow Y, Indigo Diversity Wunder Unders, and Bruised Berry Bang Buster

 Pop Orange Cool Racerback and Mirage Print Boogie Shorts

 Paris Cool Racerback layered over the Pop Orange CRB and the Mirage Print Boogie Shorts. (Reports are that the Pow Pink Cool Racerback bleeds so I wouldn't suggest this outfit if you are going to sweat a lot.)
 Pow Run For Your Money tank and Indigo Diversity WUs
 Mirage Power Y and Indigo Diversity Wunder Unders.

Pop Orange Cool Racerback, Fossil Gather and Crow Crops and Ray Free to Be Bra


MonkeyGirl said...

"Reports are that the Pow Pink Cool Racerback bleeds so I wouldn't suggest this outfit if you are going to sweat a lot."


I'm not a big ol' sweater or anything- but when I do cardio- I sweat! I really like this CRB, but if I can't wear it for a workout, I'm passing. :(

Anonymous said...

Tried on the Mirage Power Y today ... OMG it was absolutely terrible!! The top was completely see-through without the cups and with the cups ... well, you can clearly see the cups them right through the thin, white material. But as bad as it was, the Diversity Tank was even worse!! It was very, very cheap looking. So disapointing!! I did pick up the Pow Pink & Pop Orange CRB, the Perfect Layer tee in white and the Black Om pant. LOVE them all!! but I certainly won't be using these CRBs for working out with all the bleeding issues reported. I'll just add them to my summer wardrobe I guess! I'm hoping they'll make the metallic silver CRB in a regular length because it was very cool "in person" as well. Oh, I also tried the Pow Pink Mantra. It was cute but really not worth the price tag so I passed.

NicoleC said...

Anon 3.38... how did you find the Perfect layer tee fit? Is it quite snug at tts or better sized down?
Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

So, if I decide to return my pow CRB due to the bleeding issues, would LLL refund the return shipping also? Now I'm afraid to even wear it casually when I'm not working out :(

Anonymous said...

Anon. @ 3:38 PM... Thanks for the reports on the Mirage Power Y.... I kinda had a feeling it would be see thru and poor quality. I had tried the diversity tank in Pow Pink (because of the awesome color) and it was SO BAD I have no idea how Lulu could have put it out for production ??!!!?! You could see the cups and my belly button. It looked really terrible and SO CHEAP ! Do not buy it ! Not worth the $$$. But that's my opinion.... :)

Anonymous said...

There's the Sarah Jessica Parker lookalike again!

I'm curious about the fit of the Layer Tee too. I ordered up - I'm between sizes. I think it will look cute a little baggy.

Anonymous said...

Nicole, I found the tee fit tts, but I tried on a size bigger and a size smaller, and they all fit and looked good on me really. The length varied more than anything. It just depends on how you want it to look on you. I usually take an 8 in CRBs and other tanks cuz I'm busty (36DD), and in the end I bought the 8 in the tee as well because it was almost 2 inches longer in the back then the 6 was, and I liked where it hit me better. The material is soft and stretchy so you really can't go wrong if you get your regular size. I know that doesn't really answer your question very well, sorry !! :)

Pink Peony 4 said...

@Anon 3:48, LLL does NOT refund shipping. This situation is not special to LLL since they have had bleeding issues since Paris Pink came out. They also made an effort to warn consumers about washing instructions and their effort to color our world, etc disclaimer. I have returned stuff before but rarely since I have 3 stores within 1 hour of where I live. It's too bad for you but that's how they roll. We've all been there.There was a time when I returned 3 jackets. I paid over $20.00 in shipping.

Anonymous said...

I was in the store today and tried on the pop orange crb with the black burnout Wandering yoga tank! It looked super cute even if I am too old for it! I was standing in line to purchase iteams and looked at the tank and it was super dirty! I then figured out that the yogi tank had black stuff getting all over orange tank! An educator grabbed a lint roller and sure enough gobs was coming of yogi tank! I did not buy either..the yogi tank looked so cute with a bright tank!

Anonymous said...

Returned my ray Run Bound Bra today. Too bad as I really wanted that colour bra. Would have been so cute under a CRB. The risk of bleeding with ray is too high to take a chance. I will not be embarrassed in the middle of working out at the gym with colour bleeding through onto my tank.

Considered the Pow Pink and Pop Orange CRBs, but didn't buy them for fear the bleeding problems. Why would I pay nearly $50 and be fearful of wearing something?

Another reader said she would wear these coloured CRBs for casual instead of working out, but a person still perspires even if they are not exercising. For example, sitting on a sunny patio at your favorite restaurant will make you heat up and sweat under the arms. Who needs the worry of peaking under your arms to make sure the colour is not running on your tank!!! Now that is embarassing.

In reply to Anon 3:48 and Pink Peony, I recommend pushing back with LLL and insist they pay return shipping if an item is bleeding. It is a manufacturing defect. I thought they stood behind the quality of their products? Make sure you post a review of the item on the LLL website and how they treated you as a customer of a defective item.

KS said...

I'm loving the pow swiftly tank. Do the swiftlys bleed as often as the other fabrics?

Nicole said...

KS I haven't had any of my swiftly's bleed. I have blues, pinks, reds and now pop orange and have had no problems with them. Apparently some people have so I would say if you are going to go for it wear with black until you can rule it out. GL!

Levity said...

If i was someone good at drawing I would love to draw a crazed googly eyed woman wearing all Lululemon neon items - like sweat band with big crazy hair and yoga top and leggings, all flash and paris pink and ray- and in this drawing she will be racing into a lulu store with her credit card out stretched. She is dripping and trailing neon puddles all around her and is headed right for a neon dripping rack of leggings LOL.. and the educators are in the background with dollarsign eyes HAHAHA

Levity said...

OH and there is that awesome headstand pose again! I LOVE THAT!! What was the name again? headstand with legs folded in? - and the swiftly tanks are so pretty. =D

Anonymous said...

Urdhva padmasana. :)

Levity said...

thank you anon 6:03 =D

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:48 here. @Pink Peony4-Thank you so much for your input. Return shipping won't be that bad since it's just a CRB, but still :)
@Anon 5:15- Well said! I couldn't agree more. I guess I won't be purchasing any more bright colored items (at least- LOL)from LLL for a while. Money talks, right? ;p

yogibabe said...


I believe the full name of that pose that you fancy is:
Urdhva Padmasana (in) Sirsasana
aka:Upward Lotus while in Headstand
Of course there are many variations, Urdhva Padmasana are usually done in Sarvangasana, which is while in Shoulderstand.

Anyhoo...just my two bits of limited Sanskrit. ;)

Anonymous said...

Was really hoping to buy the diversity tank or power y in the mirage print but no such luck. The power y is the high polyester count and see through as others have said. You can see the lining which has polka dots and is not cute in some kind of subtle way ( as the educator tried to convince me!). The diversity tank is so thin and you can see the cups clear as day- odd they would even have cups with it? Sad- but did get low swiftly tank and really loving the color on this!!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to say but Fossil Slub Denim Wanderful Pants
look awful not flattering at all. I'm sure any other lulu pants could bring out the best in any figure better.

Anonymous said...

Any report on if the denim stride bleeds? I already bought mine online but haven't gotten it yet :/

Anonymous said...

Has anyone tried the cover it all dress? Wondering how it fits? I was thinking small=2-4 medium = 6-8?