Monday, July 9, 2012

Photo - Run: Nada Jacket

Shown with the new Indigo/Mirage Sun Sprinter crops

Shown with Light As Air Shorts

Shown with the Pow Tie and Fly Tank underneath

Shown with the new Roll Down Short. The other girl is wearing the Split Singlet and Light as Air Short

Tons of photos of the new Run: Nada Jacket. It's made of Ultra Light Swift. It looks like an okay run jacket though the sleeves look on the short side.


Anonymous said...

Unflattering. Ugly. Surely $138. As if. Not EVEN if it made it to wmtm for $60. And yes, let's slap on some gills/ruffles/reflective strips on the shoulders. There's a detail that is just so well thought out!

Whoever buys this...thanks for keeping lll in business, I guess, until they come to their senses.

Anonymous said...

It seems as if they had leftover or over-stock mesh and keep making mesh tops and jackets. How many does one need especially when they are UGLY ! It seems as if whoever created the amuse-me pants is still on drugs creating poor designs. My $ is safe. Is it so much to ask for a simple Pow Pink Power Y ??? The color is so lovely but most items in that color are aweful.

Anonymous said...

Wow that jacket looks extremely cheap and ill-fitting.

I LOVE the Sun Sprinter crops and the Indigo/Mirage look tempting. Looks like they don't have dots! I got the all black because of the weird dot placement issue. Interested in the Light As Air Shorts- I don't like Turbos as they fit me funny and the Speeds are too short. I actually loved the fit and length of the Sun Sprinter shorts as well but they didn't have a liner so caused wedgie issues and I returned them.

I have been spending too much money on Lululemon lately... if any Scoopnecks come out I might buy them, or Power Y's in cute colors but that's it. I just got some Run: Inspires in Snorkel off eBay for a good deal. I really want some new Wunder Unders (only have one pair!) because they are AWESOME for hot yoga but the new ones suck :(

Anonymous said...

What is up with those ruffles on the shoulders?!? They just look plain silly to me :D

Jamie Barba said...

Not sure about this one. I agree, those shoulder details can be seriously unflattering, especially on broad shoulders like mine. That last one they had with that detail (not sure what it was called, but I know I tried it on in Pig Pink) made me look like Bruce Banner about to transform into The Incredible Hulk! If they have it in a store I visit, I'll try it on. Don't think I'll pay over $100 for it, though.

OT - does anyone have a review of the Covers It All dress? The more I look at it, the more I want it. But then I'll have to buy some cute bras to wear under it!

Anonymous said...

I never buy jackets from Lululemon. I stick with the New Balance ones. I like it simple, I don't understand the ruffles, maybe because I am a city person, the girly stuff is just awful.