Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Currant Studio Crops, Ziggy Wunder Unders, and More

Shown with Blazer Fossil Cool Racerback
Shown with a Black Energy bra

Shown with Deep Indigo Stripe Every yogi LS. Indigo Relaced Fit Crop with Currant Power Y

Shown with the Perfect Layer Tee
Currant Studio Crops.

Denim Dense Purple Gather and Crow Crop

Shown with the Power Purple/Dense Purple Virtuous Tank

Shown with the white burnout chevron Perfect Layer Tee

Shown with the Bee Me Tee

Caspian Ziggy Wee Wunder Under pants.

Flare Ziggy Wee headband

The new Energy Bras - Black, Currant, and Angel Blue

Good closeups showing the mesh panels in the Speed Squad tank.

Caspian Daily Tank

Currant Every Yogi, Ziggy Wee Cool Racerbacks and More

Also shown Angel Blue Energy Bra and Flare Ziggy Wee Astro Pants
Photo of the new X-long Cool Racerbacks in the Flare Ziggy Wee and Caspian Ziggy Wee prints. I didn't think I liked the ziggy wee pattern much - too business clothes-like - but I really like how the Ziggy Wee Caspian print looks with the Power Purple Define:

Deja Vu scarf, Deep Indigo Bangbuster (ok, I *do* need this afterall), and slub denim Astro pants

Caspian Ziggy Wee Flow Y, headband, and Astro pants

Caspian Ziggy Wee Print Flow Y and matching Astro pants
New colors in the Astro pant - Caspian Ziggy Wee print, Blazer Fossil Print, and Flare Ziggy Wee/Black Slub Denim.

Photo of the new Currant and Deep Indigo Stripe Every Yogi tees. The opposite side of the Currant is heathered ghost with currant stitching. I might have to get this.

Monday, July 30, 2012


Nothing for me tonight. I'm tempted by the Power Purple Define but since I bought two in July not sure I need another one. What did you get tonight?

Spotted in Stores: Angel Blue Energy Bra and More

Photo of the new Angel Blue Energy Bra. I wonder what else is coming out in Angel. Torn as to whether to order this or not tonight.

Bangbusters: Dense Purple, left, and Deep Indigo on the right. I have a Bruised Berry so I don't think I need either of these.

Photo of the new Power Purple Define. Thanks to Tiffany for all these photos.

NEW! Virtuous Tank Colors and More

Virtuous tanks in Power Purple and Currant. This tank is made of luon light.

Interesting new slub denim Astro Pants. Shown with a Currant Virtuous tank and Perfect Layer tee.

New headband in a ziggy wee pattern - maybe deep cranberry?

 Perfect Layer Tees
 Pacesetter skirts

Blazer Fossil/White and Currant Speed Squad Tanks

Some other new items spotted in a US store: Currant Power Y, Currant In Strides, Currant energy bra, Bang Busters in deep indigo, dense purple; Energy Bra in angel blue, Power Purple define, Gather n Crow in purple denim, Every Yogi tees in Currant/heathered white, Deep Indigo stripe/deep indigo, and a light blue/white. And some new scarf in a burgundy color and a gray.(Thanks to Tiffany for this report)

Ziggy Wunder Unders and More

New Ziggy Gray Wunder Unders

More photos of the Perfect Layer Tee in the zigzag pattern.

The new Caspian striped Pacesetter skirt
Caspian Ziggy Wee Flow Y

More photos of the Virtuous tank. Shown with the ziggy gray Wunder Unders

 The Be Me top is back. (why)