Sunday, June 24, 2012

OT: Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt Review

Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt in Alta Moda Print and Lululemon Energy SL Tank in Black

Skirt Sports Gym Girl Ultra Skirt in Pink Crush Play Print and Lululemon Swiftly SL Tank in Paris Pink
A couple of months ago I posted that I wanted to try running in a skirt and was thinking of getting a skirt from Skirt Sports. They contacted me and were kind enough to send me a Gym Girl Ultra skirt to try (the black one shown above). I also bought another one (the wild pink print) a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to try running in the skirts a few times before writing this review. To be honest, I didn't fully love running in a skirt the first couple of times. For one thing, I found the skirt kind of hot. The Skirt Sports undershorts are pretty substantial and adding another layer over that makes the skirt hot for runs in the 70+ temp region. I also had to get used to running in 5" shorts. My shortest run shorts are ~8" so it was a bit of an adjustment for me. I also had some irritation on the inside of my thighs which I thought might have been from my legs rubbing each other (even though I applied plenty of bodyglide beforehand) but it turns out it was the internal seam of the shorts.

Seam down inner thigh
The seams are flat locked but because it was hot (70+) when I ran they bothered me after a couple of miles. I also think I have sensitive skin because I had to look through a lot of reviews before I found any that mentioned being irritated by the seam. Of all the Skirt Sports reviews on the web (the great majority are very positive) I found two people who mentioned the seams bugging them so it's not a universal problem. I solved the issue by rubbing Body Glide all along the seams. The third time I wore a skirt I had no issues at all and the temp was in the upper 60s/low 70s for my five mile run.

I found the rise of the skirt lower than I was used to. I am definitely a mid rise kind of person. However, since lululemon tanks are long it's not like skin shows or anything. Now, on to the things I absolutely love about this skirt...

... the POCKETS on the undershorts. Oh. Em. Gee, how I love the holster pockets on this skirt:

There are two 4" x 3" pockets - one on each leg. The pocket fits my iPhone perfectly and I don't even notice it when I am running. I much prefer to slip my phone in a pocket rather than use my armband, which has become irritating on longer runs. I put some Energy Beans in the other pocket. The other great little feature is the headphone cord tunnel in the back of the skirt:

Headphone tunnel
I can run the cord out the back of the skirt, under my shirt and into my ears. No fiddling at all with re-tucking my cord into my bra. When I use my armband the cord sometimes pops out of my tank and starts flopping around on my chest so keeping it all under my shirt is awesome.

The shorts didn't ride up so that I noticed. They are definitely on the compressive side and I swear the shorts in the black skirt were smaller than the pink skirt. The website does have a note that some of the "black shorties" in the Gym Girl Ultra ran small so I think that is true for the Alta Moda print. I definitely found the pink skirt more comfortable right off the bat. The shorts are not as soft and stretchy as lulu's luxtreme shorts so I did have to get used to a different feel. The Gym Girl Ultra is 14.5" long in the front and 15.5" in the back. Both skirts I got were true to this measurement. The skirt lays flat as you run and doesn't bunch up or between the legs.

Things I would suggest to Skirt Sports to make this skirt even better:
  • Add a zipper pocket to the Gym Girl Ultra skirt like you have on Marathon Girl Skirts. I prefer to keep my car key in a zipper pocket when I run. Nothing fell out of my leg pockets when I ran in this skirt but I still want my car keys zipped up. When I wore this skirt I made sure to wear my lulu hats with zipper pockets for my keys. I also have a shoe pouch I can use but it makes tying my shoes a pain.
  • Move the inner leg seams so they are not down the middle of the leg.This would eliminate potential chafing issues.
  • Make a summer weight skirt that has a lighter over skirt.

Things I would suggest lulu steal from Skirt Sports:
  • Thigh pockets in the undershorts. Right now, I believe lulu only puts a pocket for tennis balls in their white skirt undershorts. Not useful for runners.
  •  Headphone cord tunnel in the skirt.
 All in all, I like their skirts a lot and find wearing one a nice change of pace. I have worn the skirt on runs as long as five miles. Skirt Sports are pretty pricey but if you get on their mailing list they will send you deals of the week - I got the pink print skirt for 60% off. There are some 50% off deals on the website right now - you have to click on the color swatches to see the markdown amount. Shipping was $8.95 for UPS to me but you get a code for free shipping on your second order. Also, subscribe to their Facebook page. They had some good deals for Mother's Day that I totally missed out on because I wasn't watching their page. Other places that carry Skirt Sports are REI, Zappos, and Amazon. I also noticed they just started making skirts for little girls - sizes 4-8.


Anonymous said...

Those look neat. Thanks for posting. I wanna check em out!

Anonymous said...

I have a couple pairs of their pants (with the attached skirt) and like them, but agree about the weight. Not good for summer. And Lululemon's tennis ball pockets don't work for holding things. They're upside down so you can easily slp the ball in and out.

Sandy said...

Have you tried skirts? Love them!! Made by an awesome set of running twins from San Diego. They have fun prints and styles (capris, shorts, briefs or nothing under - wear over your own shorts). They also really stand behind their product and I personally like the material of skirts overLulu skirts (and I can't stand the silicone lining in Lulu stuff). They also reverse the seams on the shorts in their skirts so you don't get chaffing/rubbing.
Once I started running in a skirt I haven't run in anything else!

LuluAddict said...

@ Sandy - I have looked at the Running Skirts website a few times. They do have cute skirts and prints. The sizing chart gives only a waist measurement so it makes it hard for me to pick the size since I really flare out in my hips/thighs compared to my waist. I know they have a summer weight mesh skirt. I'll have to take another look at them.

SeeAlliRun said...

I'm not sure why an iPhone size pocket is useful for runners. Leave the technology at home.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review! I've been wanting to try SS for awhile. I love running in skirts-I have the Lulu Jog, Speed and Run For All skirts. I have worn all of them for longer runs in temperatures of 80-90 degrees. I wore the RFA to my first full marathon last weekend and loved it. I agree with you about pockets for carrying the iPod rather than an armband. In the pockets I carried a lip balm, 4 pieces of Quench, my iPod and an extra gu. I did use a pack to carry my extra fuel. I had 3 gu and a Stinger chew pack. I've also ran in Nike, (With the briefs, not the shorts), Athleta and Gap skirts. By far, my favorite is the Lulu skirts. Tried and true. Love them.

Anonymous said...

HMM-- SeeAlliRun

Iphone useful for Emergency phone call, music, call someone if you get injured to get you -and in a pinch - self defense -- leave the smarky comments at home -- if you dont use on fine - but others might

Thanks for the review LLA

Anonymous said...

I bring along my iPhone because I have an app that tracks my run speed, distance, pace, etc. And like Anon 3:12am mentioned, I use it for music and in case of emergencies.

Anonymous said...

I tried on a skirt sports skirt at MEC the other day. I am an athletic skirt junky. My top pick for a running skirt is from I adore the skirts that just have the attached brief. I ran a half marathon in those skirts during a summer where it was 100 degrees all the time and they were fabulous!!

The skirt sports skirt was weird. The waist was too low and I did not love the shorts. I did not purchase one.

Minda said...

I have runningskirts knee high compression socks with the heart on them. I loved the look -except they are 32ish dollars and if you have muscular calves as opposed to the ones in the photo which still look strong, just less muscled, you will stretch out the heart so it looks like lungs not a heart! No option for a SML sizing either. My legs aren't THAT big. Within the norm! They also have a cute top I have it in chocolate long sleeve with a pink heart on the sleeve! I got it cause I saw a video on on "fastinistas" lol. fashion in the sport.

I don't think I will buy from them again, as I found my order ridiculously slow to arrive, 3 weeks, The prices are too high for what you get. I pretty much just shelled out for that cute heart - but it isn't worth it to me as the shirt material felt a bit non breathy.(I would wear to movies LOL) If you do check out their long sleeves the website - and me suggests to Size UP!
- I also like to keep my iphone with me for this app i have called sport tracker! She is like this running or cycling buddy letting me know my lap speed and current distance! its a free app and I dig it cause I can have friends on it who use it and we motivate each other after you post- also has a map. options to share or not share workouts etc. . . . been too hot and lately too rainy to run in FL though LOL. ok I'm shushing! have a fantabulous day!

Kristin said...


I love it when shorts/skirts have pockets big enough for my iPhone. I have small kids, and their schools need to be able to contact me if there is an emergency. I wouldn't worry about it if they were short runs but I run for 1-4hrs at a time. Yes, I would LOVE to leave the technology at home but not feasible.

Jax+Puzzle said...

I carry my iPhone for safety. I greatly prefer having it on me in case of emergency. Also it's where all my music is stored. And serves as my run/cycle log on MapMyRun.

Nancy D said...

Lulu's Run: A Marathon skirt has 2 side/thigh pockets on the shorts.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the heads up on Beyond Yoga...I just picked up two pairs of pants for under $60!! Excited to try them, especially at that price. That is one thing I have never understood about Lululemon, their lack of offering specials to their customers, especially those of us that spend a lot of money with them....they are going to lose a lot of customers if they don't get their act together.

Anonymous said...

I would loose to run with my iPhone but so afraid of Gerri g it soaked with sweat. Even in an arm band. What do you guys use to keep sweat out of it?

Anonymous said...

There's been a rash of armed robberies on my local running trail recently, and the thieves are specifically going for iPhones. It is a very populated trail in a nice area, but the thieves are still able to capitalize on runners zoned-in to their workout and carrying expensive gadgets.

I understand that everyone needs to do what works for them, but just a PSA that bringing your iPhone "for emergencies" may actually be what creates the emergency.

Anonymous said...


An iPhone is useful for those of us that are single, and running in the city, or running in rural areas where there's still cell service, but not much else eg trails. If something happens, like a twisted ankle, bad blister, asthma issues, etc. then the phone can be used to call for help.

The iPhone has a feature whereby you can share your run through the Nike iPhone app. When I am out for a run, if I didn't come back because something happened to me, people could find me which is useful on long runs.

You can't put a price on safety. And if you've ever been assaulted, attacked, or been threatened in some way, then you know the value of bringing technology with you.

Then there's just the fun and necessity for training purposes of tracking runs, pace, mileage, calories, etc which the iPhone app allows for.

It's great that you want to leave technology at home, but don't diss others that find technology important.

sophia said...

i like the features on those skirts, but unfortunately think that they're both hideously ugly (and a bit dowdy, too). ): that's the real problem here with lulu...they're clothes are CUTE but SHIT (these days anyway). so sad.

i will say that i own 2 lulu run: a marathon skirts, and they have pockets on the thighs big enough for the iphone (i, too, hate armbands and will only buy running bottoms with iphone-sized pockets these days). love this skirt - i know a lot of people passed on it because of the color blocking and shortness (both of which i love), but it really is a great skirt in terms of pockets!!

i'd love to see an iphone cord tunnel on a lulu skirt

Anonymous said...

I have a gap running skirt from 2011 that has gel pockets on the inner shorts. Love that feature although my lulu skirts are my favorite.

I do have a skirt but I would not recommend the "running" skirt to anyone with a booty. They have briefs not shorts underneath that create massive VPL. A lot of girls on my Ragnar team ended up cutting the briefs out of their skirt and wore Lulu run shorty shorts underneath. I do believe that they have a triskirt with shorts underneath that may be better. JMO.

LuluAddict said...

@ SeeAlliRun - As a woman running alone I feel more comfortable psychologically having my phone with me, especially as I have to run farther and farther distances. It came in handy a few weeks ago when I had sudden calf pain and had to call my husband to pick me up. Now that my kids are out of school and I leave them home alone when I run I like them to be able to get a hold of me if they have to. Additionally, I use the Map My Run app on my phone as a GPS to tell me distance/speed/pace.

LuluAddict said...

Thanks for the info on the Run A Marathon skirt pockets. It's too bad they don't put the pockets on all the skirts.

I realized that Running Skirts is located relatively near me so I can visit their flagship store in person instead of ordering.

@ anon 7:51 am - I have the amphipod armband and it's so thick the phone does not get sweaty at all. It doesn't get sweaty in the skirt thigh pocket either. I don't think I'd put it in a waistband pocket, though, since I do get sweaty there.

@ sophia - I agree their prints/styles are not as cute as lulu's but the skirts are super functional. They do have a shorter verions - marathon girl, I think - and solid colored skirts.

Anonymous said...

If you love the leg pockets on the gym girl, you should try the sparkletech skirt from! The pockets are LARGER than the gym girl, and there is a huge zip pocket on the waistband! I like to wear the sparkletech with my long lulu tanks. The only thing it doesn't have is a headphone cord hole, but I think they may be adding that feature in the future. The shorts don't ride up, either...

Jax+Puzzle said...

@ Anon 8:40,

While I understand where you are coming from, bringing the phone is better than not bringing it IMO. If someone robs you for your phone, HAND IT OVER! Your personal safety is worth much more than trying to hold on to it. Several people here have cited times when they've used the phone while running.

My dad told me the same thing when I was working retail - if someone robs the store, hand it over. They want the gadget, money, whatever... all that stuff is replaceable. You are not. If you are robbed for the phone, let them have it and get the attention of another runner/cyclist/passerby who can then call 911.

Unfortunately, if this is the case on your trail, perhaps people should rethink wearing headphones so they can keep better tabs on their surroundings. Scary stuff.

Anonymous said...

LLA- I totally just bought the marathon chick skirt from skirt sports! I'm excited to give it a try. (this style just has briefs underneath so hopefully more comfy then compression shorts... I have 3 lulu skirts and that is my main complaint they ride up weird)

Can you give us a update on your sea wheeze training? I just did my 6 mile run on HH novice plan. Love to hear how it's going! I can't believe August is almost here!

Anonymous said...

This looks like a pow pink diversity tank - so excited!

Allison Carter said...

I was looking for reviews on skirt sports running skirts and came across yours. I realize you did this review some time ago.

I found it interesting that you suggested that Lululemon do the side pockets and the hole for the ipod cord. They listened when they created their Breeze by Skirt.

However, I am currently looking for new running skirts because they discontinued the breeze by and the lastest running skirts have no pockets!!

I wish they had kept your suggestions. I am looking forward to trying the skirt sports running skirts and hoping that they will meet my needs!

Thanks for your reviews!

Anonymous said...

I really like my new lotta breeze from SS. Especially nice fit for XXL 5'4" 220lbs but dealing with customer service was a terrible experience, surely will not purchase from them again! So many athletic companies with quality products available now.