Friday, June 1, 2012

Nice - Men's Light As Air Tech II Shirt

The men's new Light As Air Tech II shirt has some really nice features that I'm jealous of. It has a zipper pocket on the left side. (The only reason I know this is because it was featured in a store Facebook photo, it's not mentioned on the website anywhere. The photo featuring it is only shown for the black shirt, buried way down. Way to go web team, stellar as usual.)

It also has an earphone cord tunnel in the shoulder:

These are two features I wouldn't mind being brought over to the women's line. I often see Brooks and Nike short sleeve or sleeveless women's run tops with little zipper pockets and wish lulu would put zippers on theirs.

Showing the cord tunnel in the zipper pocket.

When I showed my husband the above photo, his immediate reaction was "cool" (unusual for lulu shirts) so he liked the look. He said it reminded him of the Nike Hyper Cool, which it does:

Nike Hyper Cool
The only bad thing about this shirt is the price - a hefty $72 but maybe I'll splurge for Father's Day.


purrfiktangil said...

That is way bf really likes it too so now I am working on talking him into it haha

I totally agree with you, LLA, and do wish they would add the zipped pocket and headphone holes to some of the women's run tanks and tees. Those would be awesome features for us girls as well.

Carolyn said...

The pockets in women's shirts are useless for more than a single key or single gel. Anything heavier bounces around and is really annoying.

Jong said...

Is there any way I can get that light as air tech short sleeve in white (or grey?) color? Please let me know. I'd like to get M or L size.