Monday, June 18, 2012

NEW! Nothing to Hide Run Crop with Roll Down Waistband

New Run: Nothing to Hide Run crop with 16" inseam and adjustable roll-down waistband. The only problem I can see is the double layer of material being kind of hot. I definitely want to give them a try.


Ellie Sylvia said...

Are the middle crops the polocrosse crops? They look like it with all of the pockets. I picked up my bruised berry ones today. I looove them - Thick and supportive - everything wunder unders don't seem to be these days.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why those pockets? Will they "flap" open after a while? Give a short legged girl a break!

Anonymous said...

Off the topic - but - I was at the Banff Alberta store the other day. For a long, long time I have been wanting plain (not heathered) coal wunder unders so I was going to try on the Astro ones. At the store I found they had regular coal wunder unders (not just Astro). I was so excited! BUT -
I tried on a 6 (my normal wunder under size) and an 8. The two were both plain coal - but definitely different colours. I showed the manager. She said different dye lots can do that and shrugged. Also, they ARE more sheer than they used to be. It has nothing to do with if you're wearing the right size or not. I checked out the indigo wunder unders too. Without even trying on - if you just put your hand in them and stretch across your hand you can see/tell. When I got home I compared to my old navy blue (similar to indigo but can't remember what the colour was called) grooves and it was totally different.
Also while I was in Banff I wandered down to Patagonia and got 2 pairs of running shorts. Fit is not quite as cute as LLL but colours are great, and Patagonia is fair trade / very responsible and environmentally conscious - and have a lifetime guarantee. Felt good to put my money somewhere like that. Also tried on a nice deep V sports bra, had a spot for cups. I'm not over Lulu yet but I'm trying to make more careful buying choices.

Anonymous said...

Where was the pow pink stuff??