Friday, June 1, 2012

Men's Sea Wheeze Short - Cute Liner

Reader Erika sent me some photos of the liner in the men's Sea Wheeze short. It's very cute. I hope Lulu has a tee shirt with this print for sale at the race. I still haven't gotten my Sea Wheeze shorts yet. I need to check with my sister to see if she got hers.

 Worked my way farther down my inbox and found some more good photos of the men's short. (Thanks to Jill for these photos.)


Anonymous said...

Much cuter then the women's version! I got my shots early last week. Hopefully yours will arrive soon! (although they are kind of horrible weird print and scratchy naked seam)

Fashionable Chemist said...

I haven't gotten my shorts yet and I live in Vancouver. I read on the Seawheeze website that we should get them before June 11th.

Anonymous said...

I got my shorts mid last week (I live in Dallas), and I pretty much hate them. They look like pajama shorts, and the while I really like regular speed shorts, I hate this naked seam thing. Ugh. They even have a little point where the two seams come together on the sides that makes a sharp point. THAT will be fun running anything over a mile. :/ Also, I feel too old to wear them. I'm a really young-looking 31 (people think I'm in my early 20s all the time...thank you, sunscreen), and I'm short and little, but I would feel silly wearing these. While they print is different and fun, I wish Lulu had considered that many body types and all ages would be running. :/