Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cycling Outfits

The ladies in the photos above and below all make the new lulu cycling line look really good. I don't cycle anymore but they're making me want to get some of these outfits.

Presta Shirket and Padded Short shown with the Velo Vixen tank. I know I've posted tons of these already but this woman makes this outfit look really good.

Liking the Bruised Berry outfit - Presta Shirket and padded short.

Presta Shirket and Velo Vixen shorts. This is cute, too.

Lots of ruffles in this look - Presta Vest, Jersey, Padded Short, and skirt.

The Presta Jersey and matching Velo Vixen shorts.

Presta Vest in white.

The Presta short with the Velox Vixen short. I do not care for this combo at all.


SeeAlliRun said...

I checked out the presta shorts tonight. In case anybody is wondering, the chamois is pretty thin. Wouldn't recommend them if you're a serious cyclist. Would be cute for spin class though.

Anonymous said...

i tried them too...the waist band is pretty tight and hits kinds hip level (i have a very small waist and bigger thighs and wear a size 6). i didn't have time to try a size up, but i don't think that would have fixed it. the chamois is thin, but you totally cannot see it from behind (i have LOTS of trunk junk)...bum looked good :)

shirket is super-cool. just make sure the dots aren't in a "nipple" spot :) got the ray and will get the spots once i find the right print placement.

CJ said...

I agree with the first review in that the chamois is too thin for serious road cycling. I'm a cyclist and I wouldn't wear those on the saddle. It would be way too uncomfortable after a couple hours. I'll just stick to my tried and true shorts. I do love the Velo Vixen Sleeveless Jersey though, that I had to buy it in two colors. Those will be nice to wear in the 100 degree heat in summer!

Anonymous said...

Why does the Lulu website list the cycling tops as "Final Sale" ??

Amblus said...

I was just coming to ask that! Seems weird to have brand new items be final sale. Also, as a cyclist, I do NOT want mesh panels in my shorts. Hello, road rash.

Katie said...

Thank you for the chamois reviews. I kinda felt regret that I was passing up this cycling line, since I am a cyclist...but my pearl Izumi stuff is so time-tested for me that whenever I try a "fashionable" new cycling line it is beyond uncomfortable. I have no need for new jerseys or jackets or I would get one. If the shirket goes on MD perhaps I'll get it then. It seems lately the non-core items of lulu always end up on MD. Scored a meditate pullover this am for $59, which IMO is what it is worth.

Savvy_Lisa said...

I am a cyclist and the only thing I would even think about buying in the Presta line is the jacket... maybe. It is hard to justify paying $$$ for cycling gear to a company that does not specialize in it. I love Lulu for yoga, run, and general workout gear, but not cycling. I love Pearl Izumi for that. Additionally, the skirted cycling bottom is ridiculous! That will definitely end up on clearance.

Anonymous said...

The presta skirt is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. Who thought that was a good idea?