Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Seaside Dot - Pace Setter, Speed Shorts, Turbos, Deep Breath, and More

New Speed Shorts in Black Seaside Dot print. Top photos shown with the Flash Light Deep Breath Tank. From these two examples it looks like the pattern varies quite a bit.

Black/Seaside Dot Turbo Shorts

I'm surprised how much of the undershorts show when you run.

 More Seaside Dot Pace Setter Skirt Photos.

Seaside Dot Deep Breath Tank - my favorite of the Seaside Dot offerings.

Fossil Seaside Dot Flow Y

Seaside Dot Bangbuster headband. Mine should arrive tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

So...a couple new things just appeared on the Cdn Lulu sight (well not new but new for the web)...Run: A Marathon Crops in all sizes in deep coal/porcelaine/mayWAFS, and the beachy floral Tracker II shorts (this stuff was in stores before but not on cdn web). What's with the sneaky middle of the week upload? Don't understand what purpose it serves for people not to know what they have in stock, unless they just want people to compulsively check the I was just doing...grrrr

Anonymous said...

The Aussie site had an 'official' upload so maybe they thought 'whilst we're here...'?

Kristin said...

Ooooo. I love the speeds. I will order those. Hoping they are 2 way not 4 way.

Anonymous said...

Those spots just remind me of something you'd see on a Holstein cow or something. I do like it paired with flash but I just can't get over the cow thing.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if we will see a flash stride? I know a gal had commented she saw the product book through January. Any chance of that? Or any more wee are from space!?