Monday, May 7, 2012

Beachy Floral Cool Racerback and More

Fossil Beachy Floral Cool Racerback.

The Polocrosse Crop is back.

Photos of the Porcelaine and Menthol Tame Me tanks.

Photos of the Flash Run: In the Sun Dress

She's wearing Run: Shorty Shorts underneath this dress

Run in the Sun dress with Run: Shorty Shorts underneath


Anonymous said...

The main issue I have with this dress is not the appearance or the fabric. It's the fact that it's so lightweight and insubstantial that it doesn't even seem to have any pockets in it. Which means you have nowhere to stash a key or a gel or anything at all. If you wear a tank and shorts or a skirt, you usually have options.

So you either go without pockets or you add a pair of shorts underneath, which sort of seems to defeat the whole purpose of the dress. If you have to wear shorts underneath, why not just wear a tank and shorts to begin with--and save yourself the $98?

Anonymous said...

Got my porcelain crb. Color kinda blah I want a blue crb- really wish I had gotten a rocksteady one last year. Rs is much better IMO. I won't be ordering more porcelain.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 6:48 am - good points. I saw the dress today, there are no pockets.