Monday, April 9, 2012

Photos: Run: Tame Me Tank, Run: A Marathon Singlet and More

Shown with the new Run in the Sun crops

Photos of the Run: Tame Me Tank. It also comes in a new color - Rose Quartz. I wore mine to run today in sunny 70-degree weather and it was perfect - comfy and airy. I guess I should have picked up that the name is related to the Ta Ta Tamer. If you are busty you'll want to check this tank out. (Thanks to Ms. Q for letting me use her photo)

Photos of the Run: A Marathon Singlet.

Black Run: In the Sun Crops

Flash Stuff Your Bra


Anonymous said...

Is anyone else sick of flash? There have been 3(!) swiftlys out in that color, something else please!!! I want a new swiftly!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm tired of flash. I never liked it to begin with, though. It's just too, too bright.

Anonymous said...

Flash hurts my eyes.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:56 pm - It hurts my eyes, too.

Anonymous said...

I liked flash and bought a couple of items in it. I have found that I tire of it so easily, though. When I see it on other people it hurts my eyes, so I guess I have that same effect on everyone else :)