Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Photos: Power Class Tee

I love this series of photos of the Power Class tee with the Centered Energy bra. I wouldn't be surprised to see this top show up on an episode of SMASH. Shown with the Poise pant and Strength and Tone shorts.

Shows the where you can attach the tee to your bra strap

Shown with the Poise Pant and Free to Be bra

Shown with the Drishti pant and Chaturanga tank

Shown with the Energy Bra underneath


Anonymous said...

i saw this tank in my local store today. wanted to try and buy until i touched it. the fabric feels very synthetic and cheap. on pic's it looks much better than in person.

Anonymous said...

What color is the one in the last pic? Looks more blue than concord grape.

Neph said...

Adorable top, not a fan of that sheer luon though. Hoping for something in cotton or vitasea for more substance