Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Photos of the Latest & Outfit Ideas

Photos of the latest Pure Balance tanks in Concord and Flash.

Some cute outfit ideas:

Flash V-neck Swiftly with the white/fossil wee are from space print Inspire crops.

 Love this pairing - white slub denim Recognition pants with Wee Are From Space Coal Fossil Dune Power Y.

 I like combo, too - Heathered Concord Grape Cool Racerback and Fossil Yoga Camp Crops.
 Heathered Concord Grape In Stride Jacket with the white slub denim Reconition pants.

 White/Flash Run: Wild Half Zip with White Fossil Wee Are From Space Inspire Crops.

Fossil Run Wild Tech SS top with Fossil Jacquard Tracker Shorts.

Rose Quartz  Run: Wild Tech SS tee with Concord Run: A Marathon Shorts.

 Flash V-Neck Swiftly with the Fossil Jacquard Tracker shorts.

 Flash V-Neck Swiftly with the Black and Flash Run a Marathon Skirt - very eye-catching!

Run Wild Half Zip Pullover with matching Flash Run A Marthon Shorts.

New Mens Run Response Shorts in Kayak Blue


Anonymous said...

Pure Balance tank would make me very nervous. There is way too much opportunity for a wardrobe malfunction.

Anonymous said...

That In Stride in Concord is tempting.

Hey, I just saw on Somerset's FB page a photo of the new crb in what I believe is the Wee Are From Space April Multi. Previously I had just seen it in the wristbands.

Focus said...

I wonder if we will see a power Y tank in that We Are From Space April Multi? Needing something to coordinate with flash WU's, not a BB fan at all.

yogibabe said...

@ Focus
Yes, that would be nice! I am also hoping for either a Push Ur Limit or Scoop Neck tank in the same Wee.....April, with Flash straps/neck (kinda like the combo used on the Run:Stuff Your Bra).

In-vita Paper Studio said...

Loving the white/fossil wee are from space crops!! Anyone know if these run true to size? I have a black pair, just wondering if i need to size up in this print... and I'm going to get it with that v-neck flash too :)

Anonymous said...

Got the white fossil WAFS Inspire crops today. Took my regular size 6 and no problems with see-thru. Cute for summer. Also tried in the Run:Marathon crops and hated how they so close to my knee.

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 10:58 pm - I don't like the crops that hit right at the knee either. I wish they'd come out with some that end above the knee or are more of a bike short length.

I'm sure there'll be an Arpil WAFS print in the Power Y. If it comes out in the CRB, it usually comes in the Power Y.

In-vita Paper Studio said...

Thanks! Glad it runs true to size. I ended up ordering two sizes, ill just have to return one pair.... an excuse to visit the store :)

Focus said...

Thanks for the info LLA! Also, what happened to the pure balance tank in white? It just disappeared. Did it really just sell out?

Anonymous said...

Am wondering the same thing abt the white PB Tanks! They've totally disappeared off the radar of the USA and CAD websites. Did they all get called-back or something? Pretty scary as i've just ordered one yesterday.