Monday, April 16, 2012

Latest Arrivals - Rose Quartz CRB, Flash Pace Setter Skirt, Power Vinyasa Crops and More

New Heathered Rose Quart Cool Racerback. Shown with Coal Free Fall crops.

Flash Jacquard Pace Setter Skirt and Black Deep Breath Bra.

Power Vinyasa crops are hitting the stores. The Concord version shown with a white Chaturanga tank.

Dhanurasana crops are in the stores. Shown with the Power Class tee in concord and a black Pure Balance tank in the last two photos.

The Special Edition Swiftlys in a tank version in flash and concord. I just read the Rose Quartz version is hitting stores, too.

 Such a cute photo, it looks like they're waiting for their class to start. Blurred Blossom It's a Cinch dress paired with Flash Dhanurana crops (cute!), Black Run A Marathon tank (I think) and Flash Pace Setter Skirt, White CRB (I think) and coal Free Fall crops (though those could be Power Pose crops).

The lastest batch of Cool Racerbacks - heathered flash, heathered rose quartz, and blurred blossom.

 White Power Pose Crops.


purrfiktangil said...

LuluAddict, what do you use to get the spiffy calendar for your half marathon training?

Also, does anyone know if you have to size down in the Swiftly tanks? I always get a 6, but my 6 in the Swiftly tank is super loose in the waist and looks nothing like how it looks on ppl in the store pics or online site. Do those generally run big or is it just me and a poor fit on that one? The CRBs fit perfectly in the 6.

Anonymous said...

I would size down for better fit, otherwise it's just too loose and that's not how it's meant to be. IMO

LuluLily said...

I'm so heartbroken about the Dhanurana crops. They're super cute on me, but the Flash is still sheer enough to see the print on my undies (and so makes me nervous that it would be too sheer overall). Plus, I've had bad experiences w/ luon bottoms pilling.

Could just be in my head, but the black version feels slightly thicker than the WAFS fossil. But all three are super duper cute and are the perfect length for us petite women!

Anonymous said...

Seeing the blurred blossom reminded me that I saw the BB tank on MD -- it was the one with the seam in the back (and front?). I don't care for the pattern, but I wanted to let people know who want it that they can probably get it cheaply now.

Anonymous said...

Fellow LLA's have you all seen/read these online articles on lululemon?

"How Lululemon Brainwashes Women Into Spending $98 On Sweatpants"

And this:

"Lululemon: Why Are Women Willing To Spend So Much Money On Workout Clothing?"

And the last one:

"Is a designer gym kit the new 'It' bag? How trend-led sportswear is changing the way we dress to work out"

Anonymous said...

I read the Huffington Post piece and my major reaction was that it shouldn't be a revelation to anyone that at a certain point, women tend to dress primarily for other women. (Not to imply that women are not dressing for themselves, too, of course.)

I'm in my 30s and married, and I admit that I care what other women think of my outfits. My husband, God bless him, thinks I look good in anything (or nothing!). It's nice to go to work, or a meeting, or wherever, and have other women say something complimentary about my outfit. Today, in fact, two women told me how much they liked the Lululemon top I was wearing, where did I get it, was it comfortable, etc. I was a little surprised but pleased. It was nice to be complimented.

Would I wear the top even if no one ever said a single nice thing about the way it looks on me? Sure. It's comfy and fits well and looks nice on me in my own eyes. But the extra compliments are nice, too. Who doesn't like to be admired every once in awhile, even if it's just for a silly tank top?

Anonymous said...

Ot, saw the daily tank tonight in flash and the fossil we are from space print(can't remember the name exactly). Also I was wondering if anyone has seen groove pants that are mad in Canada and what colour waist bands they are?

Anonymous said...

I hope something cool comes out tonight. Concord Ebb & Flow crops would make my day. Oh and some hot yoga tanks too thanks:)

Anonymous said...

I'm not enamored of any of this stuff.


What are the chances we'll see the Porcelain Blue Swiftly shirts uploaded, do you think?

Pink Peony 4 said...

I bought all the Dhanurasana crops since i'm petite. I LOVE these crops. I don't know why I feel compelled to buy something every upload. Addict? I suppose. I bought the Dune and Black Drishti pants too and I'm not sure if I'm keeping them. Too much for a lounging pair. Yes, they are comfy. I hope there's nothing good tonight. I want to say I need higher power to keep me from buying more.

Anonymous said...

OMG I KNOW...when will Flash be gone already. I can't wear that color at all(pale skinned) and I feel they went overboard with it. Flash this and Flash that...I already had to get through the slew of Paris Pink and Orange not long ago. Bring on the new colors please...

C-lyn said...

Awww I'm sorry you guys are sick of flash! It will be over soon!

Speaking of flash anyone know the tank that girl is wearing in the 5 and 6 photo from with top?!???! With the fossil wee are from space dhanuransasa crops?!?! ans the rose quartz bliss bag in the back ground?!?! Thanks if you know !!! :)

Anonymous said...

Pink Peony: You are making me laugh! I always feel like i have to buy something's my guilty pleasure. LOL.

I ordered the Drishti pants in Black and Dune already and my store is keeping the hem for me. yes. they are only lounging pants, but I will probably live in these this summer. Oh how i justify things. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, I wondering what will be uploaded tonight too.... since last week was a pretty big upload, I'm thinking this week will be a meager one... (hopefully !) :)