Friday, March 16, 2012

Ta Ta Tamer Change

Thanks to reader LuluLily for alerting me to the fact the Ta Ta Tamer has been changed slightly. The new cups are cat eye shaped now. The photo above shows the old cup on the left and the new on the right.

The round cup style Ta Ta Tamer is on the top in Rocksteady Blue. My new Wee Are From Space with the cat eye cups is on the bottom. The cup pockets look like the same shape. I tried swapping the cups and the both worked fine. You have be careful to align the top corner into the top of the bra pocket where the strap meets the top of the bra. The cookie is also shaped so you have to put the size oriented at the top - as in the photo below:

Be sure to put the corner with the size in the top corner of the cup pocket
LuluLily said the cups feel larger and the band a bit looser so you might have to resize yourself in the Ta Ta Tamer. I know I went down to the 36DD this time - my other two TTTs are 38D. Remember, when you go down in band size you are supposed to go up in cup size.

PS - A reader notes the new Ta Ta Tamers now have four columns of hooks to adjust band size instead of three. This is great for when the bra stretches out over time.


Anonymous said...

I also noticed that my new black wee are from space TTT has four rows of hooks on the band, as opposed to 3 rows on my older TTT. Four rows are great to have for when it stretches out over time.

Christie said...

I have 2 older TTT's and I find that they make my boobs look a bit oddly shaped. Maybe this change in cup shape will help that. I should probably try one of the newer ones. Thanks for the info!

Anonymous said...

Hey LuluAddict - I love your blog!! OT - I noticed that you linked to HerRoom. I'm looking for a place to buy odd-sized bras online (as I can't get them locally) and I was wondering if HerRoom is good overall? If you (or anyone on here) have ordered from them I'd love feedback on your experience! Thanks so much in advance!

LuluAddict said...

@ anon 5:12 am- Great point! I didn't even notice that.

@ Christie- I think I like the new cup shape better. The TTTs give me a weird shape, too - very round, like coconut shells strapped to my chest.

@ anon 6:25 pm - I haven't ordered from Her Room but I use them for research. I've ordered from Amazo, eBay, and Champion. I always try to get the lowest price. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I recently purchased a TTT and love it; thanks for the posting about where to reinsert the cups. I saw on another blog that you can throw it in the washing machine but when I bought it was told to remove inserts and handwash only. Does anyone know which is accurate?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:36 - I was my cups in a garment bag with my regular laundry. I hang them to dry. This has worked fine for me.