Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photos - Wee Are From Space Multi Define, Power Y, and Scoop Neck Tank

Shown with the Travel to Track Pant
The new Deep Coal / Wee Are From Space Multi Define Jacket.

This girl makes me want this Power Y. I guess I'll make a decision on which Wee Are From Space Tank to get when my CRB gets here. It's supposed to be here on Thursday.

The Wee Are From Space Multi Scoop Neck tank. This one tempts me, too, but I haven't been wearing my Scoop Necks too much lately. I want to try it on anyway.


Anonymous said...

Bah! I woke up this morning and got online to buy a UV Swiftly headband (among other things), but they were sold out. 7am is too late. The duffel is $148? I protest! I will not buy.

Anonymous said...

I am not a scoopneck fan in general, but I bought this scoop neck. It's really soft, and I think they are being made longer, which I also love.

Kristin said...

The scoopneck looks a lot longer than the previous versions. My old scoop necks barely pass my hip bones. These look like the may cover your booty. My torso is a little longer so the new ones may not cover my entire booty. But I am very curious and want to try it on.

Anonymous said...

Scoop is tempting me, too. Hope to try it tonight.

Anonymous said...

Bought the scoop. It actually looked good with my Irish coloring. I was surprised, because it's so purpley and that's not a great color for me. They also had a ton of In Strides on clearance for $89. Just black.

I also saw the lavender vinyasa scarf, but that's a bad color for me. Holding out for the UV, which is also not my color but could be fun as an accent.