Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photos - Special Edition Wunders Under with Cuff Pocket

Lots of photos of the new special edition Wunder Unders with the pocket in the cuff. This is the black version.

Lavender Dusk (Power Dance tank) looks really nice with coal/fossil wee are from space print

Black looks super nice with the coal/fossil wee are from space print

The Coal/Fossil version of the Special Edition Wunder Unders.


Anonymous said...

Umm come on people are cell phones really THAT important. I can understand the waist band pocket on a run for safety.. On the leg... really??? Not impressed.

Anonymous said...

Seriously. Cute pants, but putting your cell phone down at your ankle? Weird.

Anonymous said...

Those are odd.

MonkeyGirl said...

I rely on my iphone a lot when outdoors- gps, apps for running, music- so I am always looking for a way to carry them. That said, I would never want one at my ankle.

Anonymous said...

Great, now I can put my iphone on the front of my shin during Pure Barre - just what I wanted to do. Thanks, lulu!