Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photos of the Latest

Another photo of the Tall Reverse Groove Shorts to let you know the one used on the website is not a good indication of the true length. They are nearly as long as the old Biker Groove Shorts.

Love the black jacquard Pace Setter skirt.

Photos of the Fossil It's A Cinch Dress. I love to use it as a tunic. I hope it comes out in Concord Grape. I think I'd get one in that color.

Love the look of the new Bliss Bag. The Rose Quartz is particularly pretty.

Yoga Camp Crop in Fossil and White


Anonymous said...

I really wntnthe bag in this color, been waiting. Anyone know if itbis coming to us?

Anonymous said...

Those crops look great on the girls in the pictures but there's no way they'd look good on my big ole legs. I'll try them, of course, but will probably stick with my tried and true dance studio crops.