Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Photos: Dance Studio Jacket

I love the Concord Grape Studio Jacket in these photos. It looks so nice with Ultraviolet (shown here) and with the new Blurred Blossom print.
 A rare photo of the new Dune Studio Jacket. The Studio is super comfy and not obviously "lulu" looking.

The three new colors of Studio Jacket - Dune, Concord Grape, and Black.

Love Concord with the Blurred Blossom print. Concord Studio Jacket, Blurred Blossom Scoop Neck tank, white Yoga Camp Crops. Such a cute spring outfit.

Shown with White Yoga Camp crop and Heathered Ultraviolet Cool Racerback
Shown with the Rose Quartz Bliss Bag and Blurred Blossom tank


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't already 80 degrees here in Tennessee, I'd be all over that DSJ in Concord Grape. But we've had warm weather here now for weeks and I just can't justify a jacket...what a shame, because that is SO freakin' cute.

PCS said...

I just received my Dance Studio Jacket in Concord Grape and it is beautiful! I already have 3 other colors (including the Grapeseed), so I'm trying to decide if I can justify another purple. It is a much darker and richer shade than the Grapeseed. Although I love all my lulu jackets, this style might be my number-one favorite jacket style. It is so flattering, slimming, and versatile. I am considering the white vs dune as well. I've never seen these in real life, so if anyone has any input, I'd really appreciate it! Also, on another note, I just noticed and ordered the white lined version of the Dance Studio Crops. It wasn't featured in this week's upload.