Monday, March 5, 2012

NEW! Run: Shorty Short Luxtreme Running Shorts

New power luxtreme running short - the Run: Shorty Short. It has silicone gripper dots on the sides to keep your shirts from riding up. It's an interesting concept. I wonder how that works in the washing machine. Do you have to turn the shorts inside out so it won't grab other stuff? Put it in a mesh bag? I can see my spin teachers using these, too. They like booty shorts for spin.


Anonymous said...

I think the silicone is a great idea! I'd like to see it more subtly on more pant/crop/short options. I have terrible ride up issues when I wear my CRBs.

Anonymous said...

The silicone would drive me crazy!! I couldnt stand the feeling of my shirt being pulled down- I actually like when my shirts ride up when I run. That being said these are cute shorts and look awesome for spinning!

Anonymous said...

All of my swifty tech shirts ride up when I run, its so annoying. But, these shorts are just a bit too 'booty shorts' for me to run in. If they made them in a little bit longer length, I think it would be more appealing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 5:41, all of my LS swiftly ride up when I run and it drives me nuts! None of the heavier running tops (full tilt pull over and quater zip pull over) have this problem and with the weather finally warming up I'm switching to the swiftly. I wish Lulu would put some of those silicone nubs on some running crops.

Focus said...

I like this idea for sure. Has anyone tried them on? I'm wondering if the dig in to your thighs?

Ann said...


I wonder if you can give any advice. But I bought these shorts:

And the first time I ordered size 42 because they new sizing table say you have to go up 2 sizes now. The first shorts they fitted BUT they creep up when doing wide squats.
I returned and ordered a smaller size and the same thing... They creep up when doing these squats or raising legs up.

Is this normal?