Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Latest - No Limit Tank, Bliss Bag, and More

Blurred Blossom/Fossil No Limit Tank

The more I see the Heathered Concord Grape Daily tank the more I want a tank in this color. One of you commented that the Cool Racerback will be coming in solid Concord Grape and I don't care for that as much. I need to see if I can make the Daily tank work for me. I'm thinking I'd wear it with my Grapeseed Energy bra underneath.

Here is an example of the Daily Tank with the Cross My Heart bra underneath. I think it looks really nice. I bet the Energy and Free to Be bras would look good under it, too.

The Flash Swiftly V-Neck tee.

The Blurred Blossom Power Y shown with the Ultraviolet Pacesetter Skirt.

Close up of the Blurred Blossom print in the Power Y.

More Bliss Bag photos. It comes with a separate yoga mat cover.

Blurred Blossom tanks with matching bottoms.

Not a blurred blossom in sight but I loved how good these two look in this photo - fit and sharply dressed. She is wearing black Tracker shorts and a Black Define. He is wearing a Surge Half Zip and Surge Pants.


Anonymous said...

Wow, the black and blurred blossom mix looks fabulous on the Asian woman, with her jet black hair. Unfortunately, I don't think my red hair is going to work with that color scheme.

I agree that the couple on the bottom look sharp together.

Anonymous said...

How much are the yoga camp crops? They're so cute!!

AZ Lulu Fan said...

I want a heathered concord grape tank too! Hope it comes out in a style with a built in bra. Power Y, Scoop Neck, anything, I'm not picky.

Aimee said...

I'm loving the blurred blossom print on the yoga mat cover inside the bliss bag!

Why doesn't Lulu ever put interior pictures of their bags online? I took one look at this bag and thought to myself, "This is adorable and would be perfect if there were somewhere to put my yoga mat instead of shoving it in loose." And lo and behold, there is a mat solution after all.

Was the rose color never uploaded to the US side? Or did it just sell out and I missed it? :(

Minda said...

I can't wait until the blurred blossom theme is over. . . boo. hiss. LOL not for me! - loving the look of the concord studio jacket!! hmmmmm!!! maybe I will pass since i've got the concord studio pants in the mail on the way here. . . i might be overkilling the purple LOL purple people eater!

Sara said...

Got my Flash extra long CRB today. Not loving it... I didn't notice the white seams in the pic... BOO!!!

Sara said...

Trying on other items from my order - LOVE the Grape DSJ, verdict is out on the Dune. It's very very light. Minda, I think the purple is AMAZING!!! :)

LuluAddict said...

@ Aimee - the Rose Quartz Bliss bag was not uploaded to the US side but I think it will show up eventually.

Anonymous said...

Got the new items this morning:

LOVE LOVE LOVE the concord DSJ.

Also got the concord DSP - got it in size 4 even though I'm usually size 6 or 8.

Concord Daily Tank - love the color but wish the straps weren't so far apart, they keep slipping; hope they come out with a concord CRB

Flash CRB Xtra Long - still debating; very neon pink

Black Quartz PaceSetter Skirt - my 3rd one; going to keep it

Rose Quartz Stuff Your Bra Tank - I got it in size 8 but it's a bit tight in the chest; I'm debating about it but I'm thinking the tight chest is a good thing to prevent my chest from bouncing around while running

M.E.L.R. said...

Hey guys! Some new items in WMTM:) At least on the Canada side. I don't know about the US.

Fetsywetsy said...

I hope they come out with a heathered Concord Every Yogi LS! I think I could break my Lulu strike for that one. :)

Anonymous said...

I am now wishing that I got the Bliss Bag in Rose Quartz! :( I'm in CAN and it has already sold out. If I had known what it looked like on the inside I would have bought it... sooooo sad.

Alieh said...

You know what would be really cute with the blurred blossom print? A 50-rep bra! With fossil straps in the back! C'mon Lulu!