Friday, February 10, 2012

Today's Shopping Trip

I got to try a bunch of the latest arrivals on today. The surprise result was that I went home with a pair of the Black Wee Stripe/Heathered Black/Black reversible Wunder Under crops. I don't buy new bottoms that often since I have nearly everything for my needs but these felt so soft and good on that I had to have them. I took the tags off as soon as I got home and have been wearing them since. I confess I feel very daring wearing them since they are non-black and a pattern to boot. I've broken out of my black crop box in a big way - lol.

Anywhoo, one reason I grabbed these off the rack was that they felt very soft, softer than a regular pair of Wunder Unders and almost like a pair of pique WUs. They also reverse to all black which makes them versatile. I thought the wee stripe pattern camouflages imperfections on the back of the leg pretty well, better than pique. The fit is either slightly large or the material stretchier than typical Wunder Unders because they feel looser than my other pair of black Wunder Unders. You might want to consider sizing down. They are $78 and go up to size 12.

I also tried on the Deep Indigo/White Denim Wunder Under crops. I've been lusting after them in all the photos I have seen. They fit on the snugger side - like typical denim luon. The denim luons have less stretch than regular luon. I really liked the look but the material felt rough against my skin and they felt like they would be too warm for cardio workouts.

I tried on the Practice Freely and really liked it. I am not comfortable revealing so much of my midsection but if you like the Flow and Go and No Limit tanks you should check this one out. I love the v-neck on this tank.

For some reason I thought the Switch Back shorts were made of luxtreme but it's really two swift layers sewn back to back. Only the waistband is made of luxtreme. The price is $68.

Side One (left): Heathered Aquamarine Wee Stripe, Side Two (right): Solid Aquamarine - verrrrry subtle difference

Stitching at the thumb hole on the reverse side - it looks like it's on inside out
I tried on the Switch Back half zip in Aquamarine and really liked it. The running luon is super soft and I love the ribbed luxtreme side panels. That being said for $108 I expect my pullovers to come with cuffins and thumbholes. I also would like a zip pocket. I know that isn't possible since it's "reversible" but that's what I want. The reverse color in the Aquamarine version is very subtle. The main side is heathered aquamarine and white wee stripe and the other side is solid Aquamarine. There is no strip of reflective material down the back of the reverse side. Some of the stitching on the reverse side is rather clunky. In the photo above you can it looks like I have my sleeve on inside out. I do like reversibility in my bottoms, especially when it comes to buying a colored waistband but I don't know if I really need it in my tops. I like it in the Turn Around LS but I would have bought the top without it. I thought the fit was true to size.

I tried on the Get Fit tank in Aquamarine and Fossil. I like this tank style a lot and already have a black one but I don't care for the colors it comes in now. I would love one in the upcoming orange or ultra violet colors.

Inkblot CRB on left, Every Yogi on right
I also tried on the new Every Yogi tank in the Inkblot print. The Every Yogi version is darker and has less white in it than the CRB, as you can see in the photo above. I was surprised how large this tank fit compared to the Modern Racerback, the Every Yogi's predecessor. I usually size down to a ten in the Modern Racer so initially grabbed that but it was very large in the armholes and loose at the waist not to mention long. I ended up going down another size to an eight. I was thinking of getting this until I tried on the black wee stripe Wunder Unders. I certainly hope the fit on the Every Yogi tee shirt isn't similarly changed from that of the Lively Crewneck. I was just beginning my love affair with Lively Crewneck tees and will be bummed if the Every Yogi doesn't fit as nicely.

Lastly, I tried on the new Adjust Me bra. The bra portion is very similar to the Cross My Heart, as you can see in the photo. I think the Adjust Me has slightly better support since the straps have a little less give in them.


Anonymous said...

Did you happen to see the chase me pant?? Any reviews??

Anonymous said...

Now I'm really really bummed! I wanted to buy the reversible WU (black wee stripe/black) but the website was out of stock! Boooooo. I don't live near a store. Now I'm on a mission. I will be stalking the website til I have my pair! Thanks for the reviews!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Noo.. I ordered oline and I sized up on the reversible wunder unders due to sizing up on previous reversible wunder unders (usually a size 4 but sized up to a 6). Sad now since I know I hae them coming and they wont be fitting :(

LuluAddict said...

I didn't see the Chase me pant. I want to try them on. I will be going to the store again this weekend and look for them.

purrfiktangil said...
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purrfiktangil said...

On the Adjust Me bra, how to the straps actually unhook and rehook and adjust? I don't live near a store and have been trying to figure it out from the pics online. It doesn't look like they slide out of the plastic like on the Ta Ta Tamer --- which has always concerned me thinking that what if I was running and I had them crossed and the lil hook slipped off...that would be oh so awkward to try to fix mid-run.

Anonymous said...

I got my Chase Me pants in the mail. Very very comfy and make my legs look great but I dont like the way they make my butt look!! The seam is in an odd place and the waist band isnt as wide as what I thought. Not flattering on my mommy belly.

Sadly I'll be returning them. I guess that means more money for the spring stuff!!

Kelli said...

Oh no - I sized up in the wee stripe/black reversible WU's too! Darnit. I bought reg size 8 in PP/black reversible WU and they are extremely snug fitting so I thought to size up in the wee stripe. WAH! Now I'll have two pair of wunder unders that don't fir right.

Cari H said...

The wee stripe WU's are beyond soft. I have way too many Wu's but my best friend got them- they were too comfy to pass up. She got her regular size 6 and found them more comfy in the waist than her plain black WU's. The softness reminded me of the mini check reversible WU's from a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

Y'all are all tempting me to get a pair of the striped WUs. But I've never had a pair of them, and I'm nervous about whether I'll like them or not. I tend to do dance-related activities, like Zumba and Bar Method...would they be good for that type of activity?