Sunday, February 12, 2012

Spotted In Stores: Good Karma Pullover and Deep Indigo Swiftly SS

New French Terry half pullover called the Good Karma pullover. It's $78 and comes in Heathered Black and Heathered White. I think it's cute but not sure if I "need" one. This is from a US store.

Also spotted in the stores, a short sleeve Swiftly in Deep Indigo. The same woman who posted this happened to also own a Black Swan Swiftly. The Deep Indigo is on the left and the Black Swan in on the right. The difference is subtle.

The new curved ribbed hem Cool Racerbacks have hit the US so I'd expect them to hit the rest of the country next week. This is the black one. (Thanks to Ms. A for all these photos.)


Anonymous said...

The good karma pullover isn't very flattering. It doesn't hit at the right spot and adds width.

Anonymous said...

Definitely passing on the pullover...easy pass for me given the unflattering cut and price.

I haven't gotten a SS in a while so I may grab the indigo. I really wish they'd bring back the v-neck SS. I have one and absolutely love it!

screenshop said...

That deep indigo swiftly doesn't look the slightest bit indigo in the photos I've seen...just a bluish charcoal. Bummer.

Anonymous said...

Did I miss the wild lime swiftly?

Anonymous said...

So many places have had half pullovers for the past year (at least), probably made in the same (or next-door) factory in China, and not for almost $80. I guess that means that the bottom 1/4 to 1/2 of their sweatshirts cost around $28-$32 retail. Interesting.
Anyway, you can totally find an old sweatshirt at a secondhand store and cut it and hem it and end up with something truly original for a fraction of the price. (A little more work, but...)
Also, I'm not too into the pullover with tight pants. I think it would be cute (cuter) if it were balancing wide leg pants like the Still or Studio, etc., pants.