Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photos: New Wee Are From Space Inspire Crops and More

The Inspire Crops now coming in the Wee Are From Space Deep Indigo color. These are neat. I like the color blocking much better in these than in the Chase Me crops.

I love this combo. It's the quintessential run / sweaty workout outfit - a black Get Fit tank paired with Paris Pink Tracker II shorts. It's not only super functional but, nearly as important, it's cute. Love, love, love.

Another pairing of the Deep Indigo Get Fit tank with the Deep Indigo Spirit II tights.

Ok, the Tea Lounge pants look comfy but for me they'd be weekend-around-the-house-only-type pants. They are super casual looking. I have pants like this already - the Feel Good Pants.

Heathered Fossil Vinyasa - on the website now.

A front and back view of the Heathered Indigo Gather and Crow crops.

I need to try these on if they are at my store. I am hoping to go tomorrow.

I'm not digging the pockets on the new mens Post Surf Pant. Also - since when do men get the smaller women's size lulu logo? Boo!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the new mens pant.

Anonymous said...

Are the switchback shorts in the US yet? Or is all of this from Australia? I love the drawstring pulls on the shorts!!!

Anonymous said...

I am so happy the inspires are going to come in the space dye. Thanks for the good news.

Nicole said...

Loving the back of the Get Fit tank; it reminds me of 2 tanks I have from '07 or '08. I wonder how low the front cuts though; mine cut much higher for less boobage.

Michelle Frank said...

Any clue when the Inspire Crops are going to be available in the US, either online or in stores? Where is that pic from?

Anonymous said...

Eek! The new men's logo is awful. Way too girly!

Anonymous said...

round lululemon logos for men's garments (like the women's) will be featured throughout Spring 2012 product. Reflective logos are being used on technical product, black glossy logos are being used on apres and yoga garments. From what we heard, it will be back to the hexagonal shape by the end of the year.