Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photos - Fossil Space Dye Grooves & Xlong CRB, New Ebb and Flow Crops and Tank

A sneaky photo of the new Fossil Coal Wee Are From Space Groove pants. It's shown with the Dazzling Scuba.

Heathered Lavender Dusk Define Jacket, Coal/Fossil Wee Are From Space X-long CRB, and slub denim Urban Flow pants. I am dying to see a close up of that CRB. I was thinking I could live without it but I kind of like it in this photo. I like the flecks of black.

 The new Fossil / Coal Wee Are From Space In Stride Jacket shown with the Classic Sport Gray Ebb and Flow Crops and an ultraviolet Debut tank.

The new Classic Sport Gray Ebb and Flow crops shown with the Lavender Dusk Ebb and Flow tank.

If you are wondering whether the new Ebb and Flow crops will show butt sweat, here is a photo of one with some water dribbled on it. You probably won't sweat this much but they will definitely darken with perspiration, The good news is they dry fast. (Thanks to Staci for this photo.)


Anonymous said...

urban flow pants, heathered ultra violet tanks and colored groove pants (waiting on colored groove wunder unders) dang lulu give us more of the good stuff

Anonymous said...

I think that example isn't entirely accurate. When I drip water from my bottle in class the same wetness will show in my luxtreme crops. However, I wear my coal luxtreme crops to hot vinyasa yoga and they never show butt sweat or crotch sweat. Same goes for the inspires i have in blurred gray and the burred grey ones were about the same gray as the ebb's. If they dry as fast as luxtreme i think you will be fine.

Anonymous said...

The model in the first few pictures is beautiful! She could wear lulu shopping totes and I'd want to buy them, LOL.

Anonymous said...

I think when doing hot yoga butt sweat might not show as much. You are so sweaty all ovseaside sweat does't just show up in your butt area. It gets dispersed throughout your whole lower body.

Anonymous said...

I ordered these yesterday and no matter how much sweat they show, ain't sending them back!
A good sweat is my reward in the gym and if it is visible, so be it. I'm not embarrased by it.

Anonymous said...

I took the ebb and flow crops to my bikrams class and IT DID NOT LOOK LIKE WHAT THAT PICTURE SHOWS. What a overrated picture of an intentional wet spot. Humans don't sweat like that. After my bikrams class, the crops felt dry and it didn't show ANY sweat marks throughout the 90 mins.

Regular luon like boogie and groove shorts are the worst things to wear during bikrams as it doesn't wick away any moisture and just drags your shorts down, heavy with moisture. Peeling them off after class feels digusting after wearing the E&F crops. The ebb & flow crops and Run shorts are the best when heavily sweating.