Friday, February 10, 2012

Photos: Flow N Go Tanks, Hatha Crops (Vomit), Apres Run Anorak, and More

The new Flow and Go tanks are out in four colors - black, white, aquamarine, and deep indigo. They are $64. I am not a Flow and Go fan. It took me three tries to put it on correctly when I first ordered one. The neck strap pulled on my neck and it just revealed to much skin for me but these tanks have a cult following among some lulu fans. If you like the No Limit and similar tanks you should give this one a try. It's a very sexy tank and great for hot yoga or hot days. (Thanks to Tracey for the last two photos.)

More harem-style crops (oh goody). These are the Hatha Crops and I think they are on a dude but I can't tell from this photo. I honestly don't care. I won't publish anymore photos of fugly harem pants. I want lulu to give up already trying to make these happen. I don't care that they are popular in Europe. I'll give you some free tips lulu, make more Ebb and Flow crops and Ebb and Flow pants and maybe Ebb and Flow bike-length shorts. They are selling like hotcakes. Work on clothes for CrossFit. Make some more freaking Ta Ta Tamers already.

 A rare Apres Practice Anorak photo. I was hoping to try this on today but my store did not have it. From what I have read people are liking it.

Time for some cute outfits - a Practice Freely tank with a coordinating Chase Me Skirt. I like it.

You can just see the top of her Adjust Me bra in Quiet Stripe peeping out the top of her Chase Me tank, paired with coordinating Quiet Stripe Speed Shorts.

The Aquamarine Chase Me Tank shown with new black and Aquamarine Speed Shorts - cute!

These girls match each other. I love the black and pink combos. Paris Swiftly LS with coordinating Inspire crops and a black Practice Freely tank shown with Paris Wunder Under crops.

Do people buy sneakers to match their lulu? Every day I spot photos where some girl's sneakers perfectly match her outfit, whether it's Paris or Aquamarine. I need to go shoe shopping asap. Shown is the Paris Pack and Go Pullover.

I like the Deep Indigo Denim Wunder Unders with the white Practice Freely tank a lot. Maybe I need to go back and try those WUs on again. They are so cute.

I like Aquamarine paired with Deep Indigo. This is the Aquamarine Get Fit tank and Wee Are From Space/Deep Indigo Inspire Crops. I saw the Wee Are From Space Chase Me Crops today and the pattern is pretty wild up close. I think the Inspires are a little more muted for some reason. I didn't see them in the store today.

For you pinkaholics, these are a couple of Pig Pink tanks paired with the new reversible Paris Wunder Under crops. The stores are showing lots of pink outfits in honor of Valentine's Day.

I looked for the Full Expression tee in my store today but didn't see it. It looks nice on this girl. I want to say she is wearing it with Deep Indigo Denim Wunder Under pants.


Anonymous said...

You are right, the harem crops are ugly for most people except some ultrathin young girls. You are wrong, if you think, they are popular in Europe. Only some people are wearing them during the fashion shows at Paris.

Leesa said...

Ohh my, did those PP inspire crops ever make it online?? I want and I hope those didn't sneak by me! haha

Merbrock said...

This post made me LOL! Hopefully Lulu takes your advice about the harem crops; I check the Loot section fairly regularly and I've seen the latest harem pants sitting in there for what seems like months. Not happening, at least in this market.

I am super excited about the Flow & Go--- I missed this tank when it was out before. That was probably the last time I saw something online I liked and didn't jump the hell on it. I've learned my lesson! Has anyone seen one in deep indigo (the one picture just looks like black to me)? I still haven't seen that color in person--- I probably want it to be more blue than it is. Has Lulu ever put out a nice dark green or blueish green? I've had my fill of pinks, purples and grays.

Momof5 said...

Does anyone know if the get fit tank in the aquamarine is see thru on the circle mesh portion -- it looks to me in this picture that you can see the cups on the side --i love the simple lines of it but I returned the toothpaste circuit tank last year because it was virtually see thru where the cups are --

Anonymous said...

Wow, more harems!? I don't care how much Lulu/ ?Europe tries to tell me they're in-style. I find them ugly and I'll never like them on any body type.

I've wanted a Flow and Go tank for a while, but now that they're back... I'm not so sure. I don't do yoga, can't see this even approaching the stratosphere of supportive enough for running (and I'm small-chested) and would feel silly walking into the , but I still find it more pretty than practical. The fact that it will ring up at $70+ (with canadian taxes) makes the decision a probably no for me. Shame, cause its beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Although I am a fan of the Johdpur pants I agree that enough is enough, and "not enough" is "not enough"! Seriously I can't figure out this company.

There are so many items selling out in a matter of hours...who's in charge of this stuff? And since when has Lulu kept the same dang colors for so long? Is PP the new freakin' black?

Anonymous said...

Hmm... line of text got deleted. Should have said would feel silly walking into the weight area in in. But maybe for spin?

Anonymous said...

Great post lulu Addict~! I am so sick of seeing ridiculous harem pants over and over while the Ebb and Flows that everyone loves are produced in limited quantities. I understand planned scarcity can create a cult following for a brand but lulu takes it beyond the point of rationality. lulu is losing money by not manufacturing enough of the products we love. Hopefully, we'll see another batch of Ebb and Flows pop up along with full-length Ebb and Flows.

Also, I don't really care about what Europeans are wearing or what lulu considers as cutting edge fashion; I care about what I will wear in my neighborhood. Those harem pants would get me laughed out of both my gym and my yoga studio. lulu needs to remember it is not a couture fashion house, it designs clothes for active people who want quality and functionality.

Tara said...

They should have named those crops the Hatha CRAPS not crops because it looks like a big diaper full!!!

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the paris pink tracker shorts II in the US?

yogibabe said...

I like the Flow and Go and will probably get the deep indigo and white ones. Still hoping for some new (orange)colors. I am getting tired of the pinks too but afraid that we may see more pinks this next upload since Tuesday IS Valentine's day. But please after that, no more pinks for a while.

Would love some "real" green, nice yellows and orange. BTW, has lulu ever made anything with nice lighter browns like latte or butterscotch? Not sure how that will look like, but it will be something new. The browns I have from lulu are of the darker persuasion, like Fox etc...

Hey LLA, isn't that anorak the Apres Practice Anorak? I'm sure it's just a typo on your part. :) I have the Apres Run Anorak and that is the one with sherpa fleece trim around the hood. No worries though, we still know what you mean... :)

Glad that you are all better and we are getting loads of new updates from you again. Have to admit that I was going through some sort of a "withdrawal" when you were off the grid a little while ago. The sign of a true addict! lol!

Anonymous said...

Off topic- Do Lulu stores dislike when customers return online merchandise in the store? I was just in the store returning an item and had a snarky comment said to me questioning why I always return to the store. I always have my receipt and return in the time frame so I don't get what the issue is. I think I remember reading comments on here about issues with returns. I'm totally turned off by my store now. Such a shame.

Katie said...

You are cracking me up! I totally agree harems are heinous. Who wants to look like they have a load in their pants all day? Totally agree on the Ebb & Flow commentary. Make more! Those crops are amazing! In addition to tata tamers make more frickin cabin long sleeves that DON'T reverse to gray! Make lively crewnecks in EVERY color you come out with! C'mon they are t shirts! They should always sell!

MonkeyGirl said...

I called Lulu to speak to an educator re: Pack and Go Pullover in PP to inquire about bleeding. She said the item was so new, she has not gotten customer feedback and so didn't know if there were bleeding issues. I asked if I pre-soaked, then perhaps that would be my safest bet, and she said due to the coating of the fabric, I would need to be very careful when soaking as the glyde could come off and ruin the water resistant factor. Annoying, as I really am not sure whether to take a chance on it. I think I will but I would like to see it in person. None of my store product notifications say it is in store yet. The educator said I could return if it did bleed, but who wants to go through that hassle with store GE's so reluctant to take returns, plus I don't want to ruin the tank under it. This pullover will be great for spring in the NE.

Some other observations:
My Get Fit tank is SO cool in hot conditions. I highly recommend this style.

The Flow and Go is very sexy, but not functional if one doesn't do yoga or hot yoga (IMHO), and I like a multi purpose tank so I'll pass.

My lulu tanks that cinch trap in heat- I am interested to know if the Chase Me Tank does the same.

I know some like the harem pants, but I just don't get it, and agree. Wish lulu would crank out more production on best sellers.

And finally- bring on the orange! I'd be interested to see some browns as well.

Bronwyn Illingworth said...

Does anyone know if the quite stripe shorts paired with the aqua top are SPEED shorts? In an earlier post of that photo, I noticed a pink clasp on the back zipper which is not shown on the lulu website pictures. i love the look of these shorts, but the speed shorts are so SHORT!


LuluAddict said...

@ momof5 - I took a look at the photos I took of myself in the Aquamarine Get Fit tank and I can see the outline of the bra cookie through the light aqua material. I tried on both a 12 and the 10 and I didn't see it so obviously in the 10, the snugger fit. Maybe you might want to try sizing down in the Get Fit and it will smooth over the cup outline.

@ yogibabe - You are right, it's the Apres Practice Anorak. My bad.

@MonkeyGirl - I agree. I want the orange and that new violet color to come out soon. I like the brighter colors anyway.

Anonymous said...

Ebb & Flow crops--I wanted to try on a pair in a store but only one out of the four local stores got it in, and I missed out. Please Lulu, make some more!!

Anonymous said...

Monkey Girl--
re: Pack and Go Pullover and potential dye bleeding issues.

DWR wears off over time. Therefore, pre-soaking means that you will have to use a special wash to re-coat the fabric right off the bat. I use Nikwax for all of my DWR clothing and gear. You can either do it in the sink or in a washing machine if you have a large load of water-resistant clothing.

That educator doesn't appear to know much about water resistant clothing. No surprise there, this is Lululemon we're talking about, lol!

MonkeyGirl said...

Thanks, Anon 12:25! Good to know!

Anonymous said...

Yes, educators don't like it when you return clothes to stores after buying them online. They don't like it when you return clothes at all. lulu is corporate company with real "money" goals which is how educators get more compensation. Returns ruin daily monetary goals. Don't let the 'goal setting' and yoga talk fool you. All educators are taught is "sell sell sell!!"

Anonymous said...

My store doesn't care if I return clothes I bought online or in store and I probably return something at least once a month if not more. They never even ask why I'm returning it

Sara Jenn said...

Completely of topic, but LLA where did the picture of the two girls in matching paris pink and black come from? I am obsessed with the teal and purple sneakers the one girl is wearing and want to track them down. lol


Anonymous said...

I've seen Harems marked down to $24. Happy Hathas down to $29. No one but hip-hop dancers should even think about these things.

Anonymous said...

Sara Jenn - those are Nike Freerun+3s.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but I am one of the people who like the Harem pants.
I have an pear shaped body and I feel comfortable in that cut.
It does not really matter what is in fashion.
Each and every person must feel comfy in what they are wearing no matter what others think or say.
I love the regular Lulu Yoga pants and feel that they look good on people who have a rather good body but this is not my case.
So I support the baggy pants and Harem style.