Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Photos: Discover Stripe Cool Racerback, Power Y, and Scoop Neck and More

A very nice Australian lady named Liz provides us with a comparison of Dazzling (in the foreground) to Flash.

All the Discover Stripe tanks - Cool Racerback, Scoop Neck, and Power Y are hitting stores in the US. I need to head to a store to check them out. I was trying to determine from these photos if the stripes move around much, i.e., whether we have to cherry pick a tank with good stripe placement. It looks like they do a little. I haven't come across one yet with the wide band of aquamarine and white hitting right at the bust yet, though.

Scoop Neck Tank with the Discover Stripes.

If I got any tank in the Discover Stripe pattern it would probably be the Power Y. I think I am most likely going to pass on this print, though. I don't have many existing items in my wardrobe to pair with it.

Love the Discover Stripe Cool Racerback paired with the Aquamarine Pacesetter skirt.

The Lavender Dusk Power Y is hitting stores now.

A more low-key outfit - Black Swiftly half zip pullover paired with the Wee Are From Space Spirit Tights.

I like this Scuba a little better than the Discover Stripe one, I think. It's eye-catching but not so crazy as the other.

Discover Stripe Flow Y with the Deep Indigo Speed Shorts. Those shorts have a bit of a denim look to them. I'm surprised they haven't turned up in more photos. I think they are adorable.


Anonymous said...

Digging the dazzling colour, can't wait till it hits Cdn stores. I love flash as well, it's so bright and fun.

Jennifer D. said...

I love the discover stripe in the power y but I'm hesitant to buy one because I'm worried about the darker color bleeding? Has anyone heard anything yet about this pattern?

Anonymous said...

I have a swiftly 1/2 zip in PP on the way. It just departed Richmond. Yay me.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that the discover stripe looks best on the power y. Waiting for lavender dusk to come out in some running tanks!

Also, it looks like they restocked the site a bit. The ebb & flow and swiftly tanks both have more color options (though it looks like sizes are extremely limited).

Anonymous said...

is it the lighting in the photos, or (on the discover stripe) are some scoop neck necklines aquamarine, and others are white?

becky said...

I wanted to wait to see what other colors the Swift tank would be released in, but then noticed that it's an online exclusive. Since the Whisper, Deep V and other retro tanks were only offered for a short time, I broke down and got the aquamarine/DS. I'm not sure if that pale blue will wash me out or not, but I don't want to wait and miss out on it since I loved that style so much before. Hoping it's size comparably to current PUL and scoop necks and that they didn't mess with more than just the length. Guess I'll find out in a week when it's delivered!

Anonymous said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Flow and Go tank.....anyone else??