Thursday, February 9, 2012

Odds and Ends: Paris Pack and Go Pullover, Black Microstripe Wunder Unders and More

A cute outfit - Aquamarine Arise bra and Chase Me skirt.

A rare photo of the Paris Pink Pack and Go Pullover

Photos of the Deep Indigo/White Denim Wunder Under Crops

A good photo of the black microstripe Wunder Unders

Heathered Deep Indigo Will Pants, paired with the Inkblot Power Y

Heathered Deep Indigo Gather and Crow Crop

Inkblot Turbo Shorts
Inkblot Speed Shorts and Turbo Shorts


Anonymous said...

Have the turbo shorts in the inkblot reached the US yet?

Shanni said...

Yes...they are in SoCal stores. Tried them on today.

groovegirl said...

@ anon 5:04 - Yes, the turbo shorts in inkblot have reached stores in Southern California (they're mentioned in all of the Product Notifications I've received this week). I saw them in person at the Calabasas store today.

Anonymous said...

Is the define jacket in aquamarine in the US yet? I love it!

yogibabe said...

Received my Deep Indigo/White Denim Wunder Under Crops today and as expected, they are of the Slub Denim pedigree. That's what it looked like in the pictures, but lulu seems to just call it "denim". By doing so, it's tricky to order what size to fit the best. I stayed with my regular size and NOT size up as I would normally do for "regular" denim. Thank goodness I already owned a pair in black deep coal slub denim, so I know how they fit. Otherwise, I may have ordered the wrong size and now would have missed out on it due to it selling out (US site). Wish they are more consistent with their product descriptions. Love the crop, though.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5:04pm
Yes. Saw them on wkly product notification for ABQ, NM store.

What is the difference btw slub denim and "regular" denim?

yogibabe said...

"Slub" denim is thinner and softer when compared to "regular" denim luon. Slub denim also has a very nice (to me, anuway) texture to the fabric. Slub is also less constricting and moves well with my practice in comparison to regular denim. Regular denim feels like practising in well, denim. Much tighter feel and hence the "going up a size" bit. Can't articulate too well this evening but hope this helps a little! :)

yogibabe said...

Seems like I can't spell too! "anyway" not "anuway". Time to go to bed! ;)

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. Sarcasm?