Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Lots of Legs in the Latest

Chase Me Crop closeups.

 More Spirit Tight II photos in the Wee Are From Space print.

Heathered Deep Indigo Wunder Unders - really like the look of these

Chase Me Pant


Anonymous said...

love the heathered indigo but i do hot HOT yoga....and i bet they will show sweat. :( like - not in good places.

MonkeyGirl said...

The more I think about it, the more I'm thinking of getting the pack and go pullover. I can see it being very practical. I usually get neutral outerwear, but in this case, I think the brighter Paris Pink pack and go pullover would be better for visibility. There are not many reflective details. But will the Paris Pink bleed all over- the jacket is sure to get wet when I'm wearing it. I mean - that's kinda the point. What to do? Any opinions out there? Would you play it safe and just go with the black? Or is the fact that the fabric is different help it not bleed? Frozen with indecision :D

Valerie said...

I have the chase me crops and they're definitely a little snugger around the hips (there's a second band of material there that is sewn pretty snugly) than other similar crops.

Also got the spirit tights - I don't even wear tights! - but I heart them.

Anonymous said...

i want the pack and go pullover in the stripes, but i can't really justify the expense when i already have a running windbreaker.

i am sorely tempted by the spirit tights, but i don't really need them. i hope they make more v-neck SS swiftlys, that's what i really need for spring/summer running.

erica said...

more scuba hoodies in LOOT (Canadian site).

Anonymous said...

I love the heathered indigo WU crops. Was this pic from Australia or US/Canada? Want them NOW! Are they plain topped? :) I tried the WU crops in the denim and didn't love them...I saw the previous post about the demin and totally agree that that fabric is too white. Thanks!